How Do You Organize Your Pills?

I take two prescriptions in the morning and three at night. That includes Lyrica both times. I also have two separate prescriptions that I take as needed during the day. Also, vitamin b complex, vit d, and others that are non prescription.

I did my Dad's med's for several years before he passed away in 2009. He was my favorite person in the world. I will never be able to use the a.m./p.m box for myself. It's just too hard for me to go there. And I'm afraid I'll make a mistake and then I'd be messed up for a whole week and probably wouldn't know it.

I'm looking for ideas with how you all set yours up. I've had a system, but it takes up a lot of room in the bathroom. I've thought of using colored sticky dots on the lids; one color for a.m., another color for p.m.?

Just hoping some creative wizard out there in fibro fog land has found a way to make it a fool proof way to use our goodies, which btw, I am very thankful for. I know there are those who don't get them because of lack of insurance and I do feel so appreciative and so blessed to be able to get them right now.

Thanks in advance!


I was just thinking this the other day when I think I may have taken too many pills but have no idea if that was the case. I had a horrible headache for 2 days and was thinking is this the fibro or did I really take my Lyrica and pain pills twice in a short amount of time and that was causing it.

If anyone has a good plan I would like to hear it. It has to be something small I can take in my purse as I am at work for a majority of the day during the week when I take my morning pills.

I use a daily pill box that I set up once a week. If I don't, I forget to take things. Which reminds me...I need to refill it >.>. I think the coloured dot idea sounds good if you don't want to use the am/pm boxes thouigh

Sorry L-Kitty the only way I’m able to keep track of my pills (8 presc. and 5-6 vitamins)is using the morning, lunch and evening boxes which I refill once a week. I prefer the ones where you can pop a days box out and put it in your purse if you’re gong out. If I don’t use this system, sometimes I forget whether I’ve taken them or not.

With your prescription drugs you may be able to get the pharmacist put them into daily packs for you for morning/night etc. I’m not sure if they will do this with vitamins. You may want to check with your pharmacist to see if there is something they can do to help.

Sorry I couldn’t come up with something more creative.

Hi L-kitty, just checked and found this site on the Internet which has some other ideas that you might find useful.

I sort my pills daily into small cups for Morning Afternoon and Evening.

Thanks B2chi for posting the link. I checked it out and it has some good ideas too.

Maybe u could type out your pills and do a chart and laminate it so u can use a dry erase marker and check off the meds when u take them. The dots r a good idea but u could just use colored magic markers and color the lids that way u can just reuse the same lids over and over. U could also mark morn, noon, and night with black on the lids too along with the colors.

I am on 4 talets every night before bed. I also take tramadol as and when I need it.

My tablets that I take at night are in an organiser which has30 little boxes with lids on.

They have the days of the week on them. I put one tablet of each one I have to take into each box. I find it hard getting the pills out of the packets so I tend to do my organiser in a morning when my fingers are pretty good. This way lasts me over a month, which is good.

Hi Eeyore. I like your idea. I think I'm going to combine it with Rattled's idea. I'm going to print off a tiny calendar to use to make sure I'm taking everything correctly. And I'll re-use the lids after I mark them.

Last week I think I may have taken my morning pills twice for one day. I think that was the day I was so dizzy. I drove and I knew I shouldn't have been. I had to shop for groceries.



I like this Rattled!! In fact I think I have something pretty close. Does make those ugly pill bottles a lot more attractive. I want to keep a.m. and p.m. together. I bet I could fit a small calender in there and mark off each a.m and p.m. That way I wouldn't over or under drug myself.I could still use my colored dots to make sure I don't get them mixed up. I have a very small zippered coin purse with a few "spares" in it. I keep that in my purse. Mostly if I go for an over night visit to see some one and I've forgotten my pills, I don't have to worry. And I always keep half of my "as needed" klonipin and vicodin in my purse. And you will like this. They are in a vintage, cobalt blue, tiny hand cream container. I have to keep it fun!

Let's go thrift store shopping everyone! I love Salvation Army. I just went to work with my husband for a day and drove to 5 little coastal towns. (Long hours in his work truck, ugh, but nice). There was little more than thrift stores up and down each main street. It was fun. I played while he worked. Poor, understanding guy.

Thank you!



This is such good information. Thank you B2chi. I have saved that to my favorites.



I like this idea. I'm going to implement 3 things I've seen on here so far. Your cups, Eeyore's calendar, and Rattled's pretty container for the mass'.

Thanks Rachel. Nice to hear from you.



I know. I hate this. I feel like I have to have emergency meds on me all the time. I'm not going to carry 7 prescription bottles around with me. You know, with all of the talk about "preparedness" today this really does not make sense to me. If this is the case the pharmacists ought to invest in being able to give us little tiny packets of a few days worth of meds along with the bottles. All of my klonipin should come that way.

Thanks Rattled. I think! :0)


I can only re-order a few days before I run out. It is so complicated. <<<UGH>>> I think I'll call my pharmacy tomorrow and talk about when exactly I can re-order and how to carry them in my purse. Maybe carrying a few in the previously prescribed bottle and keep it in the car?

Yes, I played the pick up game before. My old Dad trusted me so much. So sweet. I fumbled through. I detest those boxes!

Hi Elizabeth, It gets so complicated, knowing when to re-order. I had 4 boxes for my Dad. When I picked up the prescriptions I filled the boxes. There was a sticker that came with the rx. I stuck that sticker for each rx (13) on the bottom of one of the boxes. That way I didn't have to keep the bottle, but had the refill info handy. I also had a spiral notebook full of dates, notes and stickers. That notebook went to each doctor appt. What chaos. It was very difficult for me, but it was a very important task for me and I did try to do it well. I was developing fms/cf at the time. Oh boy.

That's why I was hoping to find another way to do this. Part of my problem now is grief for my parents and these pill boxes are a hard memory for me. Oh, ain't life grand sometimes?

Thanks Elizabeth,