Some of my pills

My evening selection of pills

Oh my stars! UK medical system must be wayyy different than Canada because we are not allowed to get more than 1 month supply at a time of most of our meds. Also if we store them outside the prescription bottle, we could be arrested. Those little pill organizers, if you put one in your pocket or if ladies put them in their purse and a cop stops us and searches us, we get arrested for meds not being in the properly prescribed bottle with our name on it. Its a pain. I see no labels. I hope you never get fibrofog enough that you forget what one is, or if you decide to go without one of them for a few months, then forget what it was. I'm just sorry you have to take so many. I feel better with fewer prescriptions, so I searched out natural alternatives to many of what they wanted to prescribe.

I have got rid of a lot of the pills that I used to take, over here we can have two months worth of a controlled drug like morphine and up to three months worth of most prescribed ones and up to a year of certain others (such as the contraceptive pill) without problems (So I have been told). I do have labels on them that you may be able to see on some of the boxes. It is recommended that we keep them in the packets, but I cannot pop the things out so I have to get someone else to do mine once a month and store them in these little IKEA pots. The fibrofog is a nightmare sometimes, but they are all labelled and my partner knows which ones I take as does my brother so if I need a weeks worth put into their weekly canisters then they do that for me and since it is the same every day I can just take them from any of the slots and know I have the right ones.