Name Change

I did it! I finally figured out how to make the name change. So I am now JoJo (from Canada) - and no longer just Jo - which is our UK friend Jo. Hope everyone has a good day.

I have lots to do today so just took a Percocette to have 4 pain free hours to get things done. I am running out of them and my doctor is on vacation until mid-August. Woe is me!


Hey JoJo!

Nice to meet you again lol.

I can't say too much about the painkillers as I have not been treated properly for my pain for nearly four years now, so I am feeling sorry for myself more lol. I am so jealous of you guys out in America, but I have plenty of info about dif pain meds now that I should stand a better chance next month when I see my specialist.

Have a good day and maybe get some more percocette from a dif doctor in the same surgery / clinic


Hey! I am Canadian! Lucky like you. I would hate to live in the US and have to pay all the money they have to for their prescriptions. I think I will send a message out to our fibro friends because I am curious as to how many medications in total each is taking. I am only taking 2 for the fibro and then the pain pill. It seems like everyone else is taking a lot more.

Oh, I can't get anymore Percs now because of the fact they are a narcotic and only your doctor on record can prescribe them. Also, my prescription is for 90 pills taken 2x a day - which means I can only refill after the 45 days are up and I only got the script early July. Hence, I have cheated and taken more than I should. As a note of interest, Canada recently started requiring identification in order to get this type of pain pill from a pharmacy.

Percocettes are readily available on the street here in my town. Each pill is sold for $5.00. Hmm. might have to hit the streets.

I can't wait until you go to your specialist so you can let us know what he says.

Cheerio. JoJo

Hahaha! You are a naughty girl!

Ps. what else do you take for the fibro? I need my medication seriously sorting out

Must be something about the name Jo, makes you naughty! lol Only kidding. You guys crack me up.

You're not wrong! It's true lol. I have been sat here filling my face overdosing on chocolate etc for the last 36 hours. I'm too honest lol

I can't bring chocolate in the house, too dangerous, I'd eat the whole package in one sitting.

OMG just realised. You said you're Canadian right at the beginning, and then I go on like you're from America. Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Sorry for being stoopid! Maybe thats why the doc won't give me any decent painkillers - coz I've not got many brain cells left to fry.

Try saying no to 2 big bars of chocolate, 2 chocolate croissants, a whole chocolate cake, 5 giant double choc chip cookies, 3 chocolate ice cream lollies, a whole toffee cheesecake and a piece of toffee cake. I can't believe I just admitted that lol

OMG girl, you must be floating in endorphins right now! I used to be addicted to Canadian hedgehogs.

Jo, I take only Lyrica 75mg 2x a day and Cymbalta 1x a day. The doctor gave them to me for the overall pain that I was getting all through my body daily. I think they are working. I really don't want to experiment with a lot of different medicines unless necessary. I am trying to 'Keep it Simple, Stupid".

I was lying in bed this afternoon thinking about all my aches and pains and decided that I am going to print a picture of the body with all the muscles and parts showing and going to take it to my doctor and circle every part that hurts. Just going to say "it hurts here, it hurts there, etc. and say lets concentrate on each of these separately and get some answers. I want it explained to me why each part my body hurts - whether it is fibro or not. Actually, Jo, you might think about taking a picture in for your appointment with specialist so you can show him. Might be easier than trying to explain.

I decided I am going to approach my pain by each specific part -one by one. I started with my feet the other day and in doing some research I realized that the heel part of my foot hurting is not due to the fibro, but I have something called Plantar Faciitis! Well, that is the heel part of my foot taken care of - I have to wear special foot thingees and do exercises. The exercises are working and I can actually step out of bed in the morning without excruciating pain. Now, onto the front of my foot and upwards on the rest of me.!

Have a good one! JoJo

Ut oh, Jojo, maybe you'd better calll your doc ASAP to get more!

Congrats on your new name!

JoJo......I had big problem with plantar fasciitis about three years ago. I couldn't even walk hardly. I got custom orthotics (I know, they are expensive, ugh)and never stepped on the ground unless I had shoes and orthotics on for long time. It got better and now I don't have any pain in my arch. It healed. I still use the orthotics to prevent reocurrence, but I can walk barefoot and use other sandals without pain again. Full time job taking care of all these body parts, huh?

Lol, is that what it is? Must be a good thing then lol. Hedgehog doesn't sound too yummy though but I'm sure it is a cake or something (so it is yummy!). I also got worried when I went to America and saw turtle pie, but I had to try it just to see if it was true or not lol

Hahahaha JoJo!! Judge judy book!! I love that woman!

I have one of those diagrams on the form I have to fill in for pain mgmt speacialist appt. next month and I am just going to put a ring right round the whole body. Serious! No sh..! It's true. I can't even think of anywhere that doesn't hurt any more.

Still have to laugh between the tears innit! I am going to ask about all these dif meds at the docs either tomorrow or thurs and hope he helps me out (for his sake too lol).

Have a good one yourself!!

Jo xx

All at once? Same day? You're my girl!


Lmao JoJo!

Maybe a day and a half. I tried my best! lol.

You're naughtier than me! No way! I'm jealous.