Two Jos?

I just realized there is another member with the name Jo also. (Hi there, other Jo). Anyway I was getting confused because I saw where I was replying to myself! I tried to change my screen name but so far it hasn't worked. But will keep trying. Anyone know how to do this? In the mean time I shall sign off as JoJo so the rest of you don't get confused and think you are fibro fogging.

Had a good day today after I took a pain pill. Got lots of house work done. Had to because I think family members that I haven 't seen for years are coming into town to see my mother and since she lives with me, I'm included. Ugh! This morning was the pits because of my feet hurting so bad. I have decided that I can live with all the other fibro symptoms except the feet pain. Well, a girl's gotta walk!

LMAO! I was just going to say that too. Hi Jo! Sorry if I signed up after you. I feel like a fraud! We could have had loads of fun with that though if we thought about it. Like twins or something. Hahaha!!

I hope you are keeping well, and yes foot pain sucks especially when it makes you walk funny and people look at you weird. I am always trying to "look normal" when I'm out because otherwise some people look at me like i'm drunk or on drugs, especially when I get out of my car, lol. They think I am drink driving or something.

Well I hope you feel a lot better soon and the family love your house fit for a queen!

Take care, and sorry again!!

Jo, I actually think there is another Jo member who goes by Jo2. It was so funny. I thought that on top of all this pain, I was now losing mind. Thought I was so far gone that I was writing myself back and replying to myself - and didn't remember that I did it. You really are real, right? I'm not, at this minute, replying to myself, am I?

Have you ever thought of getting a handicap sticker for your car so people won't think you are drunk when you get out? I got one even though I don't drive but when my husband drives me around to stores or the doctor, he can park so I don't have to walk so far.

My mom's guests didn't come. Yippee! So, since the house was clean I got to lay around all day reading. Didn't even cook so it was an ideal day. Except for my feet and ankles hurting.


Hi Jo Squared! Double the fun, double the pleasure, as they used to say on the Doublemint ads. I guess you could be Doublemint Twins.

Is it possible that one of you could put a different icon on, so we could more easily differentiate you?

Well, it's nice to meet the both of you.

well if changing your screen name wont work than try downlaoding a pic instead of having the green with the butterly. its not that hard. if u dont want a pic of yourself(i didnt but am rethinking the idea) then all u have to do is 1st go to google and click on the image buttton,2nd find a pic that u like such as a cartoon, flower, anything u want,3rd once u have found the pic u like then right click on it and download, 4th go to your page on here and under settings it will give u the opition to browse your pics on your computer or phone or tablet whatever u use and once u find it then it will have u crop it then u have different pics. it doent take long to do and there r so many imanges on google u r sure to find one that fits u.

i found out u can even downlaaod images and upload them in a message on this site. i know i have a few different birthday ones and i have a friend on here that finds eeyore ones and sends them with a message. i kinda feel special when she does that. she has a big heart and cares alot about people on here.

i hope this helps i know i didnt have any pic at first cause i didnt know how to do it.

Hahahaha. so funny. And I'm still confused lol.

I did used to have a sticker and use the parking spces but I decided to refuse to be a statistic and people always look to see what your disability is , and I think they still thought "addict". The stickers are really helpful in england to get closer to the shops though.

Aww I'm pleased you ad a more peaceful day than expected. Thats always a bonus isn't it. I hope your feet and ankles are a bit better soon. (and the pain doesn't show up elsewhere).

I will put a pic on when my phone stops playing games. It keeps turning my pictures on their side. Just the ones of me. How weird is that?! Maybe the phone is scared too. Hahaha!!

Cool I will try that today.

There you go. Problem solved. lol. This is Jo from the UK by the way.

i am glad i could help i hope the other Jo will read this and be able to put up a pic