Here is Part 2 of the Fibro youtube vids I'm doing. This is about symptoms

Hey yall,

hope you guys will like the videos. Let me know if I missed anything or if you'd like me to talk about something else.. . . this is for all of us!


I will definitely get to 2 and 3 but probably not before the weekend. i'm mentally bushed - had a long, long day today. I was finally awake enuff to get stuff done that's been waiting. I really want to hear your story and the symptoms section, if you can be patient.



Oh by all means take all the time you need.. . .they are up and ready for view whenever anyone has time : )

Hi Mo,

I watched all your videos over the past couple of days. I think you are really brave to talk so openly and honestly about what happened to you, and how you feel. You've been through so much, and you can still smile.... thats good. I wish I had been able to watch videos like that at the beginning! Much better than the leaflets they hand out. I'm sure they will really help others going through this, do continue when you can. I also have problems with my hands and feet which is recent, it's making life all the more challenging. The bit when you talked about mourning your old life, so true, but is so hard to do. I keep hoping that I'll get better and not worse. xoxo

I couldn't get it to play all the way through, not sure if it's my computer or youtube, will try later, what I did see was good!