Doing a Series of Youtube Videos About Fibro, your help is needed if you like

So I decided to put my life with fibro on youtube, I guess I am bored but I feel like I will feel better to at least get the word out about fibro to those who do not believe it still, it may not reach many but it will help me.

I'd like your input on any and everything you think I should talk about, I'd be happy to include your input.

here is the first video, an introduction. . Watch and support for us!! Let me know what you'd like me to add in the next video which will be all about Symptoms in detail. . .in this video I noted some symptoms but let me know what you'd want me to note. . .

thanx guys!!

Hi Mo,

Nice start! By the time you are finished with these you'll be ready for a screen test! No movie stars have come forward with this disease, or filmed any public service announcements that I know of, so I think this will help to make a difference.

I'll just sit back and watch, let you do your own work, may suggest something later. I agree with Avenk, you are brave, but then we already knew that! The more this is 'put out there' the more understanding we will have.

Nice work Mo, hope you are finding some relief!




Nicely done! You looked very comfortable in front of the camera and spoke very self-assuredly. You gave more info on fibro than my doctor ever did - I think this video should be shown to every fibro patient in every doctor's office. LOL. I chuckled at that one.

This is good. You need to continue with this. I hope like heck that more people see it.

I'd love to see the less known symptoms covered, as well, like fibro choking. Jerking and twitching at night. The weird burning/pins and needles sensation. The bug crawling on you sensation. Loss of vocabulary. All of the fun stuff. Boy, I hope you've got a lot of tape and time to cover it all!

I chuckled too, Pet!

Thanx!! I plan to keep it going for a while so I will cover all that we go through, I did a symptom video that should be uploaded tomorrow which lists off a bunch of symptoms and I got through a few. . .glad you guys like it!!

: )

Well done you!! Thanks for telling our story. Thats great what you're doing. Definitly braver than me!

But it's true, it's that hypersensitivity thing! Somedays I feel like I need a shield around me!


I wish this disease could be renamed to Chronic Pain Syndrome, as you so eloquently dubbed it. It's much more descriptive than fibromyalgia, which translates to muscle pain if you speak Greek. And even that name, "muscle pain," doesn't describe our condition nearly as well as you did. I'm thinking you're a bit of a genius in describing this illness, and I think you should write a blog outside of here, so all could see it, detailing fibro. You are that good.

Yes, and how it keeps getting worse and worse. You think you can kind of sort of manage it when it first starts, and then it goes crazy.

Still, Mo's sweet voice giving the run down makes it a bit easier to take and understand. I really liked how she did her video. I really wish all docs would use it as a guide for new patients instead of just giving us a dx, an rx, and a proverbial pat on the back.