The video on fibro A Journey to Hope

my local support group played this video tonite. it was awesome. i so wish i had a copy. my step dad who doesnt know much about fibro went with me and i am so glad he did i think we both learned a lot. i think for him watching the video was a great way for him to see that i am not lazy and this disease is real as i do suffer. i hope he will b more supportive now. if there is a chance for any of u to watch it really is that good. if i had a copy i would loan it out for those of u that have family strugging with your diagnosis but i dont. please do what ever u can to try to get this video and watch it with your family. i know there is a blog on here i think by Renie thathas a link to the website. trust me this is a great tool to have.

Awesome! Need to get a copy. My parents feel I am lazy too. I would love to provide them with the chance to see the video. I doubt it will change their perception of me but it’s worth a try.

Actually i think the video would change their minds. the stories on the video were great. i think anyone who watched the video would have a better underdtanding of fibro and those of us who suffer with it.

Thanks for letting everyone know about it. Hope to get a copy…:slight_smile:

i am not sure how to get a copy of the dvd but i know u can buy a ditagal copy from the website for $10 i dont know how those work and how many times u can view it. but if the leader of my local group makes copys of hers i will get one and send it to u.

Thank you my friend :slight_smile:

Hi my name is Michelle I come from Australia I would love to see a DVD about fibro any ideas how I could get one

sorry for not responding sooner i kinda forgot i started this blog. i know if u go on the website for the video there is a download for like laptops or tablets for $10 other than that i dont think u can get the actual video anymore i think they stopped making it which sucks cause i really want a copy.