The REAL Fibromyalgia Awareness video --by FibroModem

81 people chose to share their photos and details with me, to make this video.

I have chosen to share it with you.

All the names and faces in this video are real people who suffer with fibromyalgia everyday. Not one of them looks that much different from you.

Fibromyalgia is invisible - it needs to be brought out of the dark!

Added by FibroModem on June 24, 2012 at 7:03am

Thank you, FibroModem,

Surely this will help to improve understanding and raise awareness. Glad you are getting this out for all of us!


Thank you for sharing this with us. It is now on my facebook and I hope a lot of my freinds will see it and share it too.

So very true! I had to go get blood work done this morning in a Fibro Fog! It required a 12 hour fast. When I got to the clinic it was the worst struggle just getting registered. The Receptionist looked at me like I was a "..." just because I asked for specifics. It was as if she thought I should know procedure even though it was my first time there. I know they were very busy but I think they could take a few seconds to explain procedure in a respectful way. I also found that by my asking questions there were others standing by me who gained from my asking and thanked me. With or without Fibro Fog sometimes the ordinary things that so many take for granted can become so complicated. It sure isn't easy when we have Fibromyagia to get simple procedures done, eh? Thanks for the video.

Carol Crocker

Brampton, ON


Thank you so much for making & sharing this truly says it all.

Like Keith...I am going to put it on my facebook also..just MAYBE, some friends

will watch it and get a better understanding of ME.


I can SO agree with you about getting the simplest things done carliec...the dreaded fog seems

to stop me in my tracks. I had to pick up a few groceries at the super market couple days ago and

whilst at the checkout, I found myself just standing there totally forgetting that I HAD to take my groceries out of the cart & put them on the counter for the gal to do HER end of the job. I suddenly realized that not only SHE was staring at me .. but the other customers in line behind me were 'smirking'. Embarrassing !!

I also have to go for blood work and am shuddering at the thought of how I'm going to manage such a ONCE simple task.

Don't you just hate this FM ?


Vancouver Island


Wow, this is very well done. So many special effects.

I am sorry you have a pain day, I know how it feel. Tomorrow will be better. You are not a lone for even a min. there a lot of us and are here for you, even if it is to vent, feel free to vent on me.

Shared it! This was so good! You did a great job!

What a nice response! See, fibro does help to build compassion!

Tracey, I'm sorry you're having a bad pain day too. It's certainly hard to hold it together when you feel that you're absolutely falling apart.

Please come here to let us help you. We're all in this together.

FibroModem, this is a good one. It'd be great for a doctor to have in his/her office, to show to family members of fibro sufferers.

It's pretty amazing seeing so many people with the disease and most of them so very young.

The special effects are very good and help to give more impact to the message. Thank you for putting this together!

Well we know we're not "....."! That's the main thing, eh? Give ourselves a pat on the back for getting tests done and picking up groceries. These really are successes because of what is endured to actually get these things done. Did I tell you that it only took me 3 months to get these tests done today? I am so pleased, really!

thank you for taking the time to find this and post it. i was able to post it to my facebook page and also send to family members on my fb page who dont understand fibro.

Good video. I think we should also have photos of them when they have a flareup so people can see the effects of FM. They say it's an invisible illness but I can see it on my appearance.

Is anyone offended by Lyrica ads? The woman in the video clearly doesn't have FM! She is an actress who is pretending to be better after taking their drug! I want to scream that FM treatment is not simple like that! When it first came out, people started telling me that I should try it. People still ask me if I've tried Lyrica and other FM drug. The big pharmas are trying to brainwash people into buying their drugs everywhere.

I think we need an awareness videos on the difficulty of treating FM. Many people don't realize how complicated and challenging it is to manage FM and it varies from one person to the next.