How many of you have trouble walking after sitting for any period of time?

I am new to this group. This may have been addressed by others at some point but I am curious. Sometime at my job I am required to be on the phones for a few hours. Even though I try to stretch, when I get up to move around I am sooo stiff and walk like I am 90! This also happens during my drive to and from work and when I sit at home. Anyone else have this? If so, what helps?

So Frustrated!

I also have this problem. I do childcare out of my home and when I get down to play with the kids, I get so stiff that getting up takes all I have. This also happens when I sleep so waking up is often a chore in and of itself. Hope you can find some relief for at work.

Oh yes, the longer I sit, the longer it takes to stand up straight! I get on here and get involved and then after a while feel like I"m rooted here! I have arthritis, so it is even more difficult!

It's no fun, Tonka!

Definitely stiff after sitting but awakening after a night of sleep is excruciating. It just keeps getting worse.

Yep. Have to agree. Sitting for too long is very hard to do. I bring in my only income by competing online in logo contests which requires I sit at my computer to design. Neck- back - knees - all hurt all the time. This illness has definatley gotten worse over time for me. We understand and can relate. I’m waiting on a disability claim decision and can only hope it turns out in my favor because I am at my wits end. Hang in there!

great ideas! thanks so much! and yea, i feel "stuck" a lot, lol!

you too! keeping children is a hard job, im sure you sometimes find it difficult and wish you had just a little of their energy.

you too! good luck with the claim. hope it doesnt take you too long.

Tonka, WELCOME !! oh for sure !!! If I sit for 30 min, forget it, I have to keep stretching & moving, when i get up I hurt in muscles I didn’t even know existed !! So crazy, sitting causes pain, walking causes pain, we can’t be still & we can’t keep moving . It’s a no win situation. You are so not alone !!!
6 months ago when I went out on disability, I can’t tell you how many people said just get a desk job… REALLY, like that would help, actually I think it’s worse for fibro
Hang in there, This is a great post , I think you will find the support is awesome and you are not alone in how you feel !!
Hugs & blessings

I am new to this group as well. Everyone has been very helpful. I agree with all the comments. Stiffness and pain if I sit for too long, pain if I stand still, and I can’t walk for more than few meters.I am housebound and do my jobs around the house early, in between lying back on a sofa/bed in the lounge. By mid morning I’m on the sofa/bed for the rest of the day lying back surrounded by microfibre pillows. I place my iPad against my raised legs because there is no way that I could sit up and use it. I must look up the relax the back shop and see what’s available, Clearly you manage much better than I do. but it’s good to see from everyone’s comments that this is a common problem among us. Cheers Barb

Yes. Very much so. Especially first thing in the morning. I walk around like Frankenstein until I've limbered up somewhat. it's really uncomfortable and sometimes downright scary when you fear you can't even get up. The more i overdo it, the more this happens in the morning and when i've been sitting for a while.

i'm sorry you've got it too. Maybe some Ben Gay rub would help a bit. And perhaps a heating pad or a microwavable hot pad for those achy spots? i've not found an answer for this or else would share it with you!


Yes, I know what you mean about the desk job! I'm told to do that all the time and just cannot manage to convey how awfully uncomfortable it would be. it's odd how just sitting at a desk can HURT but it does.

KVH, I'm wincing just thinking of the muscles involved that would all be cramping up throughout the day, especially the neck/upper back.

i hope you can get your disability claim approved. I just filed mine too. Getting worse and worse and am afraid of not being able to work at all pretty soon.