Leg pains

Hi, I too has severe leg pains as a child. I remember crying at night the pain would get so bad that there was a time that I couldn't even walk. I was about 10, 11 or 12 I can't remember exactly my age. I ended up going to rehab for about 6-8 weeks to learn to walk again. They never had an explanation for what it was. If I had a nickel for every time someone said it was growing pains.....I'm sure I'd be a millionaire.

Hi finally!

They are finally asking about this, the Rheumatologists are asking us about this, so hopefully there is something for future generations, to nip this in the bud in childhood, before it comes to this!

I hope you are finally getting some relief, though our questions may never be fully answered except 'genetic predisposition'. That seems to be the thought.

Wishing you well!

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Oh my goodness! I'm just floored that you had to go through this as a child! That's just awful. And then to have to go to rehab to have to relearn to walk...wow, that's pretty intense of a problem.

Growing pains...I hope that term is no longer used for kids. I have no idea if there are legitimate growing pains but it seems that so many kids with fibro have been misdiagnosed.

Do your legs still bother you or did you outgrow the pain? I hope they haven't affected you again as they did during your preteen years.

Firstly I like to thank everyone for responding, wow it feels like I finally have a voice after all these years. I still have "growing pains" and I'm 48. It's funny after all those years suffering with growing pains, I only grew to 5' - 2 1/2". To this day I still have those pains in my legs, they are worse when bad weather is coming or is already here. On a more serious note, I know there's a connections and it's just a matter of time before the research catches up with answers.

I'm curious if anyone here has heard of or gotten involved with pacing workshops and coherence training? I've been going to a Integrated Chronic Care facility and they have recommended this for me. I work full time and it's stressing me out as to if my work will indeed support me. I am finding it difficult to work full time and my employer has just switched me to a busier, faster paced job as registration patients for clinics. Oh yeah, I also work in health care myself. Interesting how they claim to support health care, except when your their employee.


Yes, it's true of every person I have ever known that has worked for an MD or a DDS, but I do understand that the staff is small and overloaded, however, I'm not making excuses for them.

I have never heard of pacing and coherence training before. I googled both, I guess pacing is self explanatory, the other seems to be walking? Am I correct?