How to stay positive

Anyone have ideas about how to continue to stay positive in those times when nothing seems to work? I am a big believer in positive attitude and that because of the mind-body connection, what we think and feel effects how we feel physically. I just want it to go away!! I usually act like it doesn't exist, keep right on pushing ahead and don't talk about it much because I know what you put out in the universe comes back to you but sometimes it is hard to ignore.

I know what you mean, sometimes it can be so hard to stay positive when it seems like nothing is working. But you are so right about positive attitude and how it does affect us what we are thinking. I have found that positive affirmations have really helped me and my clients too. It's amazing how just adding positive dialogue like "I deserve to be healthy" or "I am getting better everyday" or whatever applies to the situation actually does help. And those positive thoughts transmit to the entire body. Also just keeping a journal of everything I am grateful for each day helps me focus on the good that happened not just the bad. Those are just a couple things that help me when nothing else does, hopefully they can be of help.

A big hug to you!


Thanks Christine. What type of clients do you have? I am a therapist so use those ideas with my clients as well as for myself. I just replied to someone else and asked if she had read "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay? I say her affirmations a lot. Everyone has been so nice since I started in this group. I have never done this type of thing before!

Using affirmations and energy work and prayer as well as taking better care of myself has helped me to get off meds and I am so much healthier then I was when 1st diagnosed!

Thanks for the hug and same to you!


I understand the ups and downs and I have also found that focusing on something else helps a lot!!!


Sure wish I was one of your clients. I too believe that staying positive helps and try the whole mind over matter thingy, but after 23 years of this its getting pretty old. I have always used humor to get me through the day because laughing seems to renew what energy I have left. Thanks for the tip on the book - I’m going to look for it. Even though I see a therapist to work through issues, I always can use more help. When I was coaching fastpitch softball I always gave my players the book “Mind Gym.” It’s still a real motivator and I read excerpts from it when I feel I can’t do anything.

We need more positive in all our lives. Great post!

Thanks Sandi! I am up and down with things and have started a new habit that is helping me. I Loudly say "I AM TAKING MY POWER BACK NOW!" when I feel down or discouraged. It never fails to help!! :-)


I like that! With all the foggy fizzles today at therapy I struggled do with finding the right words. Those would have brought down the office!!! I’m going to borrow it and use it tomorrow - I already know what my day looks like and it doesn’t look like a stress-free day.

Hi Susan I just read a blog you wrote that gave me some hope you said that you don’t have to take meds anymore how did that happen have any positive feedback for me to feel better with no meds because even with meds pain is still there thank you hugs Melissa

Well I was my first client, healing myself form fibromyalgia after almost 20 years of it! But as a holistic nutrition practitioner I see all types of individuals who are sick and want to get better, or those who want to lose weigh or those that just want to learn how to eat healthier. I have heard of that book but have never read it, but she is an amazing woman I'm sure it is an excellent read! I am glad you were able to come off your meds that is inspirational! So encouraging to hear!


Are you a therapist too?? I Feel for you, LOL! IT is a hard job!!

Hi Melissa,

I still have pain daily, some days worse and some not as bad but have terrible side effects to meds so after trying several including muscle relaxers and pain pills (plus several anti-depressants and Lyrica and whatever the generic is, the name escapes me) I said THAT IS IT! NO MORE! I have been taking 5HTP which is an OTC supplement for over 5 years. I had researched it extensively for use with Fibro. It is available at drugstores but cheapest at Walmart. I take 3 (100mg) caps before bed. It is supposed to raise the Serotonin level in your brain like the antidepressants they usually prescribe are supposed to do. It doesn't have the side effects, usually possible stomach upset which goes away and maybe some dizziness. It has helped me a lot but I'd like to get off of it too. I am a huge believer in self education. I also after research have been drinking a cup of Kefir daily ( a probiotic, better then yogurt) and it seems to help in general. It is supposed to improve the immune system where a lot of these problems start. And LOTS of positive affirmations daily, telling my body it is healthy and strong, using humor, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Techniques which is a tapping technique on acupressure points while saying positive statements. I also use acupressure points. You can look on the internet and find some for pain and everything you can imagine. I take a magnesium supplement at night too. It helps relax the muscles. And I use a foam mattress topper and just bought a memory foam pillow. They help with pressure points. The biggest thing I am finding is to be mindful of my self -talk and reactions because sure enough every time I let myself get upset I tense up and feel worse.

That's it for now. HUGS to you and I hope some of this helps.


Hi Christine,

I want to work more in holistic practices and have a friend who just started doing Reiki and working also with the nutritional end of it with her clients. How did you heal? I have tried so much and it isn't gone although much better.

Thanks for any ideas you have.


Thank you Susan yes you did help me an I will be looking into some of those things hugs melissa

No, I’m a high school secretary - so I run the school 12 months of the year. Very face paced, always getting interrupted and trying to do 5 things at once. Thursday just fried me - had 7 subs in and I had little sleep, my legs felt like I was getting electric shock therapy whenever I stood and when I sat down they just cramped up. Did it all last night and their were no positive thoughts. I took today off and went to the chiropractor and took it easy. So much brain fog I could crawl in a hole! I was at my worst today and shouldn’t have even been driving. Another day in the life…

Hey Sandi,

I used to teach so I know how hectic it gets! Vitamin E (400 mg) at night helped me with leg cramps but getting off my hormone replacement therapy seems to have helped most. I was stretching just a little before taking walks because I try to walk as much as I can at work during lunch or breaks and walk fast usually. But for some reason stretching makes it worse. So did Yoga. I wonder if anyone has had that problem? Another thing I don't understand is how can I have sometimes severe pain the next day or 2 when I didn't feel it that day and sometimes from doing just normal things like holding my cell phone for awhile, typing or pressing at all with my arms and hands.

I just wrote this to Sandi but want to put it out there and see if anyone else has a similar experience and any ideas? I have had ENOUGH of daily pain!!!

I was stretching just a little before taking walks because I try to walk as much as I can at work during lunch or breaks and walk fast usually. But for some reason stretching makes it worse. So did Yoga. I wonder if anyone has had that problem? Another thing I don't understand is how can I have sometimes severe pain the next day or 2 when I didn't feel it that day and sometimes from doing just normal things like holding my cell phone for awhile, typing or pressing at all with my arms and hands.

Hi Energy,

I know this is an odd way of doing it but I find that reading about others who have it worse than I do helps me to put my own problems into perspective, while making me grateful that my problems are, well, not fatal. I don't know why but it does help me to feel more at peace with my own illness.

Keeping my mind occupied also helps a lot. Reading and writing make me feel more creative, which, in turn, makes me feel more positive. Doing anything creative has this effect on me. I think it's a great way to feel better about your situation and you usually end up with an interesting product as an end result.

Find this to be a very common problem. Can’t remember who just posted something about our muscles being twisted, so if that’s the case, stretching those muscles or over exertion will cause pain - whenever our central nervous system wants to present the pain! I think there’s lots if factors that affect it too - weather, environment, hydration, etc. that probably play a roll in it to. Guess if we had the answers we’d be famous! Good topic, energy healing!!! P. S. I bought a tai chi DVD that is just waiting for me to open it - am waiting for Easter break where I have a long stretch away from the work stress. At least that’s my excuse today :slight_smile:

Hi Petunia Girl,

I absolutely agree and don't talk about it much at all even to my friends and family. Being grateful always helps my mood. I just don't understand why I hurt so easily like my threshold for pain (never great) has gotten even worse. I am so much better then I used to be though in the beginning when I couldn't even drive with my hands on the wheel. I had to hang on with a finger from each hand. I don't look at it or talk about it as a dis-ease, Just some symptoms I have that I want to go away completely and still have the intention that they will!!

I did read that the muscles are shortened which I can feel. But they say to stretch and to exercise. The problem is that it exhausts me for days after. BUT I am doing it anyhow and telling my body it is healthy and strong because your body listens to you. You know--the mind-body connection. '