How to?

I am hopeing that a few of you might be able to give me a few tips of getting the members of the group that I have started to join in.

The members have requested to join the Fibro penfriends and I have excepted and said yes they can jopin.

My problem is that most of the members are not getting involved.

I have tried doing a few group messages and different ways to get in touch.

Email on here, Email to personal Email addresses. texting to a mobile phone and lastly Letter writing.

I am hoping some one can help me with this problem.

Have you tried going to each of them individually to see which mode of penning they want to try to do? I know you and I have been writing to each other but maybe we(the group) should look over each others profiles and see if maybe there might be a connection of some kind that we can write to each other about. I don't think you meant this to be all on you to write each of us individually. I love writing to you but I would love to share with others in the same boat as well. If there is a member that has special needs that keep them from being able to write much (i.e. somedays my hands are totally numb) then maybe they need to know that there is no pressure to respond right away...

My G-babes wanted to know what I wrote Santa that I wanted for Christmas....maybe we could start a letter to Santa, each of us writing our own wants/needs. It just might be a way to let everyone share what's going on and help us learn a little bit more about our fellow Friend in Fibro Pain. Just a thought or two. I'm no genius as you can prolly tell but I try :)

Thanks Elizabeth, for this thoughtful group. It may take some time to get everyone rolling but once connected they will look forward to hearing from friends as I do. It can be a Day Maker :) <3

PeacenLove Always~Laurel

Another thought is that they might be too busy this time of year. I've noticed my emails and facebook people and some people on here are just not around much right now.

I hope it goes well for you.

Hi Elizabeth. I am enjoying the befriends to. U and I write to each other and I also write back and forth with someone else in the group.

Hello NorthwoodsG-Ma,

Thank you for your ideas I will give them a go.

Yes Iy maybe the time of year as people are extra busy with Christmas preparations.

Or like me just down with the weather and the pain (althou I dont think thats an excuse not to be in touch.)

Jackie Im really pleased to hear you and another member are writing to eachother, its exactly what this group is for.