Hypersensitivity to normal noise

Just hearing my Mom wash a few pots last night just sent me up the wall, then listening to her open a pack of crackers sent me to the bathroom for my earplugs. Look what I found about it, thought I would post since we were talking about magnesium last night, also look at the meds that may intensify this.


SK, That's really interesting info. I'm gonna save that link. Noise sensitivity is one of my worst symptoms. I can't even stand someone talking a little loud. I can relate to the package of crackers. :") This must be how cats hear noises and why they jump so quickly at the littlest thing. It must be so annoying for them.

I noticed it mentioned whiplash too, besides the magnesium deficiency, and the toxins. Could it be that fibro stems from toxic overload, both physical and mental toxicity. I know being around certain "toxic" people is just as flaring for me as chemical odors and junk foods.

That might explain why so many young people are getting fibro symptoms, since they are in a generation raised with chemicalyl laden foods and polluted environments even more so than those of us from a previous generation. The young people are getting to a point of major toxicity sooner simply because they were born into a more toxic world.

Also, if your body is toxic in any way, you will develop deficiencies, and then those deficiencies cause other problems, such as the magnesium deficiency.

Here's aquestion for you ,SK. Did you go to a lot of loud rock concerts back in the day? I know I sure did. And the article you linked to also mentioned that as a potential cause of this hearing distortion. It listed a bunch of other interesting possibilities, such as use of certain medicines, like Advil and Motrin. It's an interesting link, worth looking at.

I hope you find a quick solution to this problem, SK. If it's a magnesium deficit, it sounds like an easy fix.

I am not always this sensitive, but it seems to have carried over into today, and I am thinking that because I have had grandkids and been in pain, and refusing to take narcotics while they are in my care, that the continuous pain, stress, and 'over doing it' in general just sent me into this heightened state of aggitation and sensitivity.

Toxic overload, you and I are always discussing that. You are so right about the chemically laden foods, and polluted enviroment. My GP has tested me for vitamin deficiencies, even obscure ones, tested my thyroid, all but the ultrasound, but he is checking my hormone levels this next trip to the blood lab.

No, I have never really gone to many rock concerts, but to the clubs with bands, you bet! I only go through this at times, other times I might be the one to have the TV on too loud, alot of that is how much louder the commercials come on than regular programming though.

Yes, I would like to see a longer list of those meds, OTC and prescription. I took enough Pepto, for decades, before my gall bladder was finally removed to have made me shocking hot pink in color for life! LOL!

I think I'll go take my cal/mag right now, see if that actually helps. Will let you know.

Thank you allergic and Pet for responding! Wishing you both well!


Well, if flares can affect our muscles and tendons, and the ear does have muscles in it, maybe flares can also activate hearing issues as well. You know, I never thought of that possibility, but why not? We've already seen some evidence of flares causing changes in how well medicines work in us, so why not cause deviations in hearing volume as well? And if you ask me, when I'm in pain, every noise seems annoying. So there is also the pure pain element.

Oh yeah, I also meant to mention the whiplash element. Did you get that during your car accident, SK? Maybe it established the pathway for the hearing increases to develop.

And toxins, yup, another really good possibility. I don't think you can throw any poisonous thing into the environment and not expect bad reactions from people and animals and plants. So there is also that as a possibility. So many possibilities to choose from, how to narrow it down?

Whiplash, yep all three rear end accidents involved whiplash, most likely why my hands and arms are numb, Rheumy said those nerves are neck related! My neck has been killing me, but again back to the pain element and not taking pain meds, and of course they cause constipation! Here we go round the circle!

I know who needs constipation when inactivity from pain brings that on to begin with. I've had whiplash accidents three times, two just prior to the beginning of my pain problems. What's with that?

I thought rock concerts just made you go deaf or have ear ringing? I'm like the opposite of deaf. Really annoying. :"(

Hmmmmmmmmm...kinda interesting that the both of you both endured whiplash and both suffer from the volume dysfunction in your ears. Maybe their really is a relationship between the two.

Oh GEEZ, you had gall bladder issues too? I've heard that is a BEAR!!! Boy, girl, you've had it ALL...and not in a good way.

Yeah, do let us know about the magnesium. I'm truly curious about this.

That's true, allergic.

Have you thought of going to a hearing specialist? Maybe they could recommend a white noise machine that might make the loud noises seem less overwhelming.

That is on heck of an ODD dysfunction of the ear/nerve, allergic. Let me see if I can find anything more out about it by googling around.

There are more than a dozen members in the fibro support group here in az, and most of them had some kind of physical trauma, emotional trauma or had heavy metals in their bodies.

This link mentions it and the neck injuries relating them to fibro


Ladies, I found a very interesting article on the issue. It even states that wearing ear plugs actualy worsens the issue, and offers a suggestion on therapy needed. Here is the link:


Apprently there is a difference between whether EVERYTHING is too loud or if only loud noises drive you nuts. Here's more on that:


A little more on the subject and treatment:


It's just one more thing that is hypersensitive in those of us with the fibro symptoms. Our senses are just heightened all around, seems like. Till they sort this fibro out, I guess we're just stuck with all the annoyances.

Well, too bad our lottery number picking skills weren't heightened as well. Something useful for us, for a change.

It made for fascinating reading, allergic. I'm sure you don't feel that way, but it's a pretty unique feature and I was interested in what I found

When I get that overly sensitive, light is a problem as well, the lighting in the kitchen is florescent and bright, it needs to be as the carport makes the kitchen dark, but I'll tell you sometimes I could just take something and knock it out!

Ear plugs and sunglasses, HA! what a sight! NUTS< NUTS< NUTS!!