I graduated from college today!

Today was the big day and I wanted to share my excitement with you ladies!!!! (and gentlemen too of course!) I'm officially a college graduate!!! :)

I wore big heels and my legs aren't happy with me now, but it was well worth it! Such a wonderful day and I didn't think about my fibro even once!

Yay!! That's awesome news! I am glad you enjoyed yourself, what an accomplishment!


Congratulations to you! Well done! I'm so proud of you to accomplish this! I hope you have lots of great photos of today! You will be glad you wore your high heels, gotta wear them while you still can, girlfriend!

What a proud day for you, thank you for sharing your happiness!

thank you SK! Yes we got A TON of pictures! And I loved wearing my red high heels! My favorite professor actually has fibro as well and the first thing she noticed was the shoes! Told her not to worry and that I'd be soaking in a hot bath tonight and resting! :)

Thank you!!!

Congrats somehearts! thats a big accomplishment! Way to go!!!!

Congratulations and well done. barb

CONGRATS!!!! I am working on the same thing. I can't wait to wear my big heels too! Hahaha.

Wooo hooo! That’s awesome ! I am happy for you!!
You are an example to many : ) you go girl!

Fibroerr ( Lisa )

Congratulations, a real achievement!!

You should be extra proud as we all know the extra sacrifices in doing anything when you have fibro...congrats

so proud of you!!!

Congratulations Somehearts

There are some special times in our lives when we are so happily distracted that we don't think about fibro until we get home and unwind and relax and then it hits with a vengeance. But we have still had a wonderful day.

Gentle hugs


Congratulations!! What a big accomplishment, especially dealing with fibro!!! Good luck with your future plans :)

Congratulations! What a great feet (get the pun) you have accomplished! So very happy for you - I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Big soft hugs to you ~ Sandi

That is so great! Congrats, I know it must have been a long hard road. Good for you!

Awesome !!! You can be very proud of your self :slight_smile: what an accomplishment, such a great feeling to walk across that stage and know you have worked hard for it !



Congrats! That is awesome!

It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? Accomplishing something that takes this much time and work should make you proud. No one can take this away from you now. Congrats for your success.

Congratulations on your graduation. It’s a wonderful accomplishment.