Thank you all

I just wanted to thank all of you for your great post/blogs. At one time or another it seems like each and every post does or has effected us. Its nice to have this site to come to, we can vent. share our stories and get great info from others and this is great. Thanks again, Gentle Hugs to All

I know! It is so engaging that I can't wait to get to the computer to see how everyone is, what is going on with them, how they are feeling.

The posting is always dynamic, not only on an intellectual level, but at the very heart of humanity. We not only deal with the physical, but the emotional, spiritual, and somehow can find the humor, though it is sometimes hard to come by, it always shines through!

Thank you Robin, for being part of it too!

Thanks to everyone too, including yourself for making it so enjoyable to connect with some great people. I actually look forward to getting out of bed some days now lol.

It's good to feel that we are not alone in this or thinking we're going crazy. (Now I know I am!!). Of course I personally enjoy a good laugh on here, despite the difficulties we face on a daily basis.

The knowledge that we learn from each other is amazing too. I dont think any medical professional could ever understand fibro as much as we do now.

Thanks Mrspigpen and everyone else too for your support !!

Sweet hugs and gentle dreams!! lol

Well said SK. As for being crazy Jo, I'm afraid that I have to admit that I have always been eccentric. Convenient as it would be I can't put everything down to fibro. lol. It seems that so much of our time is spent apologising for or explaining fibro to people that it is refreshing in itself just to have or aches/pains/anxieties etc accepted unconditionally without judgement or prejudice. Being diagnosed with fibro does not mean that we have had our sense of humour surgically removed, that we are no longer able to appreciate beauty or kindness or share the show with others. Nor are we neurotic malingerers or 'bad' people who are reaping karma from dreadful misdeeds. In fact if anything I would say that since having fibro my character has improved enormously. I am certainly much much more patient with those ill informed and intolerant people that we have all had to deal with. (Or is it just that I rarely have the energy to behave as badly as they do?)

Very well put Saf!!

OH yes I love it there, Lots of great people have keep me going the last few days,Thanks

Thanks everyone your the best....

I agree!

I'm getting great advice, knowledge and lots of laughs


Mrs.Pigpen, I want to add my thanks to yours. What in the world would we do if we didn't have fellow sufferers to turn to in bad times? Answer: slowly go out of our minds.

Thanks to all for keeping us sane.

I would also like to thank everyone. I'm new here and though I have had fm for many years it is nice to have others to talk to and know that I'm not really crazy. SK is so right on the many different levels this disease effects us and and I'm so glad I found a group of people that will help me through it all even if it is just listening to me vent!!

Thanks all!!


I have also learned to be more understanding. Be it with children or elderly. It has helped me to slow down in life and enjoy the most mundane things because I'm not always able to. Taking a walk with my husband to just being able to sit and watch a whole movie with him without making us both annoyed from shifting on the couch. I have learned so much to enjoy ALL things in life great and small.

What a great post. Thanks So much Robin!