I started reading a new book this weekend. Freedom from Fibromyalsia

About a week ago I saw this book on Amazon and it was only a couple of dollars so I ordered it. I've gotten through the first part of the book but so far its about using meditation to help heal Fibro pain. Now while I know the pain isn't all in my head I believe some of it is caused by my response to stress. The book walks you through a 5 week program where you take time out twice a day to meditate for 30 minutes. Relaxing your body and focusing on any part of the body that is feeling pain or not relaxing. I noticed yesterday when I did it for the first time I had a lot of stress in the left side of my jaw and in my right shoulder. Those two spots usually co-exist. I will continue with the book because I know I have had good success with meditation and relaxation in the past. Has anyone else read the book?

I don't believe this is going to be the cure all, magic pill for my Fibro but it can't hurt. Eating health, exercise and reducing stress are all recommended by my doctor.


HI Stacey

I have not read the book but i do agree with the doctors eating healty exercise and reducing stress are all good for us.

i do believe that meditation and relaxation techniques are very valuable tools for any illnesses and in life in general. so many doctors tell patients of any illness that they need to relax and reduce stress but most medical people do not actually know how to do it. so i am very glad that you are availing yourself of this. as you said there are no magic pills or 'one size fits all' but i do agree that employing the most healthiest lifestyle as one can is definitely beneficial. I add to the mix 'visualization, imagery and positive reinforcements such as what we speak, write and say. Our brains are like computers taking in aall the data we put in and we must put the best data as we can since our brain is always listening and acting upon that data..

love and hugggggs