My first session with my new psychologist!

He is an elderly gentlemen and he seems to understand me. I have never really liked myself. I am glass is always half empty. I am one of the unfortunate people who compare myself to others and never really measure up. He told me and I guess I already knew this but never really understood it, that there is a part of the self that is judgmental and we listen to it because its also the part of the self that keeps us safe. It is a liar! He told me that it feeds off negatives. The more we feed it the more it controls. He said he can teach me to lessen its hold and bring joy into my life. I wonder how it effects the fibromyalgia? I think that it may worsen our symptoms. With the increased stress, anxiety and depression. Please dont think that I am saying fibromyalgia is in our heads because that isn't my meaning. But think about the pain, is making our brains work overtime and makes us have increased fatigue. Be honest and try to think of yourselves. Do you listen to the liar self that says you dont matter. Do you worry about worry? Do you feel like a door mat because you feel others take advantage of you? My brothers and sisters...we must not feed the liar...we are the children of our Lord God or whatever you believe in. We are created in His Image. We are important, we are beautiful, we matter! We did nothing to deserve this condition. We are not well and it is not our fault. We are more atuned to our surroundings and to others. We have allowed this liar self to condemn us, to punish

Us, to control us!!! I SAY NO MORE! I am done listening to the liar self that wants to destroy me and keep me more ill than I have to be. I will share what I Iearn. I hope that this information will help.

hi jackiem.. i dont suffer with depression but i will tell you that i am very impressed with your attitude and your thoughts and applaud you indeed. all the best . keep up the good work. hugggggggggggggggs


Good for you! I know for me stress definitely worsens the symptoms which in turn can cause more stress, it can be a vicious cycle. I know for a number of years I really struggled with the Fibro diagnosis, symptoms, depression, etc. I had virtually no friends and shut myself off from the world. Eventually though I just had to realize that no matter what the circumstance, life was worth living. So I slowly started trying to put the pieces back together. It took a lot of work but I finally got to a place where I was happy again. Although I still really don't have true friends, it takes a lot for me to trust and I just don't put out the effort. And probably a little I still struggle with self esteem and that old voice says "no one will want to be your friend" I know that isn't true but anyway I know a lot of people and am friendly person but no one close that I can confide in. Anyway, good for you and that is awesome that you found someone who seems to understand. That is the battle as we all know too well, finding people who really understand us. I am really glad I found this group of people.

Wow, powerful words! I do think I sometimes blame myself for having this disease, like I did something to cause it. Your words struck a chord with me, thank you. I hope this empowerment helps you to relive some of your symptoms. Good for you, I wish you every success with this therapy.

Hi Jackie.

I truly think that it's great that you got this info and also have used it effectively. No one should have to live with low self-esteem. You no doubt judge yourself harsher than anyone else. Also, pain feeds into the "liar," making it feel more real and true. It's hard being in pain and trying to balance things but you have found a remarkable tool. I am really so glad for you. This is wonderful!