I’ve been gone a long time

I haven’t been on this site for soooooooo long. And I miss it a lot. I couldn’t remember my password. I didn’t recognize the home page. It was strange But, when I saw some of my fibro friends/ family were still here, I knew I was home. :hugs: :heart: I still have fibromyalgia. I now have awful migraines and occipital neuralgia. Uh. :woman_facepalming: I had an occipital nerve block about 6 weeks ago that was successful. But, last Saturday, when I was taking a nap, I accidentally pushed my head into the end of the couch which caused a migraine. I’ve had 4 migraines since then. I get discouraged more easily than before. I feel like I’m in a daily fight with something physically, emotionally or both. I do see the beautiful things in life. They seem much harder to see. :sunglasses:


Sorry to hear about the pain from the fibro and the migraines. I don’t know about the optical nerve migraines but do suffer from aura and none aura migraines. I’ve had both faith’s pierced & it was the best thing I’ve ever done from them.

I know how it can be thinking what else can happen but wanting a positive outlook. I focus on family and faith for that. We can only take it one day at a time. Just remember you are stronger than your pain. Payers for some relief!


Hi Freedom, it was so good to hear from you. I have been thinking about you and have been wondering how you are. So sorry to hear about your migraines, it is just one extra thing to think about! Sometimes I get discouraged too with having so many things go wrong with my body. As you say they do affect one both physically and mentally. It doesn’t help when others tell you ‘if you only go out more for walks or do this or that then you will feel better.’ I feel like like telling them ‘walk in my shoes and see how you cope’ . ( I only take size 3 in shoes and then they would know how difficult it is to get shoes!!!) LOL!


Hi , Ladies ! It’s so encouraging to hear that even though we are all struggling we have not given up on ourselves!I often think I need to post something to continue to be part of the group, but everyone here understands why people take a break - life ! I was recently diagnosed with hyper parathyroid disease.symptoms are almost identical to fibromyalgia but your blood calcium is abnormally too high. Too much calcium builds up in my blood it can cause kidney disease and a few other issues. The calcium just recently became an issue so the doctors are saying I actually do still have fibromyalgia bc those issues have been going on for over a decade. I was also diagnosed with rosacea that makes the 3rd autoimmune immune skin disorder I have . I have this other condition called polymorphic light eruption, it’s like being allergic to the sun, whatever skin is exposed gets a rash. I have another autoimmune bowel disease.I also suffer for debilitating depression. I’m here today to ask about everyone’s experience with grief and how to handle it ? All of my conditions are flairing at once…… My family is dealing with a loved one diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I’m very close to my sister in law and I felt like I was handling things pretty well but now everything is raging :rage:. I’m having trouble sleeping. It’s awful really but I feel like if I could get some rest and sleep things would calm down. I received steroid injections for the skin issues and antibiotics. Any suggestions for R & R Thanks. Gentle hugs to all.


Hey Freedom,
Welcome back.

Ahh, yes migraines and neuralgia… …I know that pair all too well and on some days, trying to see past them is not possible when they make themselves front and centre. On the BAD days I cope, just. For me, it’s like the physical vs emotional side fight with each other, then team up and bash me into submission. I tried to ignore them and returned to work with the thinking that if I kept my mind occupied with work, I could drown out the emotional side and it worked… …until the end of the day, then it all caught up with me. The exhaustion was AWFUL bad and at times took me days to recover from. I was frying myself trying to meet my own expectations. I couldn’t see it, it was my wife who saw what was happening and she told me to simply ‘Stop it’.

I had to learn to manage around ‘Me’. I know I can push myself past my limits to get a task done, but there is always a consequence for doing so, usually in agony. I have to weigh up the cost, both physical and emotional, for me pushing those limits.

Merl from the Modsupport Team


Hi Jse123! Good to hear from you! Wow, I sure can relate to depression, grief, suffering, and pain. I have a very dear friend who has stage 4 breast cancer. You certainly have been dealing with a lot of different issues both physically and mentally. I applaud you for reaching out to your fibro family, who accepts and understands you, just the way you are. :hugs: Here are some things that have helped me survive. My faith in God. You can ask me more about that if you’re interested. Having grace. Here is part of the definition of grace. The act of giving acceptance unconditionally and voluntarily……. And, there are many definitions of grace. I am getting better at giving myself grace to “ not be ok”, that it is ok to feel sad and grieve the loss of the life I once had, to grieve seeing a dear friend go through cancer treatment and not compare my medical pain with her medical pain, to be angry when I haven’t slept for weeks and then I cry because I’m soooooo tired. I do go through periods of time when the anger and sadness is more intense. I get this way when I start comparing myself to other people or wishi I could do more in life. Then, I calm down and things get better in my mind and emotionally. This is where I am practicing to have more grace with myself. Do you have anyone in your life that you can talk to about all the losses you have been experiencing? Someone who will not judge you? Here is something that really helps me a lot. Some people may think it is silly. I have a soft, light purple stuffed animal that I hold onto. It’s a cute little rabbit about 12 inches tall. When I don’t feel well, or I’m alone, or sad, I hold onto that purple bunny. It helps me feel better. :rabbit: Are you able to go to any grief support groups? I will try to think of more things that help when I’m grieving. It’s 1 am. I better go to bed. I haven’t been sleeping well. Uh! Gentle hugs :hugs: