I’m trying to decide how much is to much. I’ve been taking 4 200 mg ibreprophin 3 times a day (sometimes less) for a good while now and my husband seems worried about it. Should I go see the doc and get something else or what? I keep refusing to take her prescription because I don’t really want narcotics. To much hassle and I don’t want to be addicted to anything.

Hi Katie,
800mg if Ibuprofen 3 times a day is just about the prescription dosage. I would ask your doctor about taking 4 at a time, she may want to cut you back to 3 or 2---only because Ibuprofen is horrible for your stomach. It causes ulcers and other stomach and intestinal problems. She may also want to give you something to protect your stomach.
Did you tell your doctor you don't want narcotics? Because there are many other options---between non-narcotic pain relievers and medicines specifically targeted for Fibro, they should be able to get you on a regimen of something without narcotics.

Hugs !

I was doing the same thing I also did it with Tylenol and I really damaged my liver, with the Ibuprofin I was damaging my kidneys. That much is too much, and my doctor really was upset when I was doing it. He flat out said that if you continue doing this you will not have to worry about pain because you will not be here to experience it. He started me on some injections to help with the flair that I was having at the time, and also perscribed Gabapentin (neurotin) it is not a narcotic only a muscle relaxer and will help in small dosages during the day. I also have been trying to get my doctor to prescribe a tens unit and it actual sends electric pulses to the nerves by a manual pack you wear. It is small and does work I tried my friends. Some insurances do not cover it though because it is not proved to work.

Hope this helps.

I also used to be on another Fibro chat room and they recommended at times of flair up to take a full box of ebson salts and pur into bath of the hottest temperature you can stand. Then pour in two bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide (reg size)- make sure you have someone to help you out of bath before you do this okay. Get into tub and soak for no more than 5 to 10 minutes when you get out you are very weak, but it sure takes the pain away.

Ibuprofen doesn't generally do anything for fibromyalgia because fibromyalgia doesn't cause inflammation. If you have arthritis or something like that, then ibuprofen can help. Also, taking so much ibuprofen can give you ulcers -- I had that problem when I was told to take it for my migraines. I wouldn't take so much...it sounds excessive.

luckaly the muscle relaxer and cymbalta have most of it taken care of. ;)

Have you tried this and do you know the logisitics behind it of why it works? I'm curious about possibly trying it and would like more info.

Omg Katie, go to the docs. I know you are scared of taking the narcotics however, you are killing yourself. I was up to 2400 mgs of IBU for about 2years and the doc said I was poisoning myself with just that much.

Not such a big issue anymore. I don't need nearly that much with flexeril and cymbalta.

I do not know why it works but it does. You are very weak though afterwards and I would not recommend doing it very often only when in severe pain. Right now I could say severe pain was 24/7 though lately so I would be in the tub all the time.