Im breathing but feel dead

were do I start im on my own 6 days a week 3 kids m.e fibro hypermobility syndrome and chronic pain not to mention constant headaches being unable to speak properly forgetting names and simple things I feel like I have the brain of a toddler the body of a frail 90 year old, but I have to put on face like its all ok have tea on the table etc I just want curl up and cry I have no fight left in me at all my kids r stuck in coz I cant go out there life is miserable because im ill we do plenty of art and crafts etc but I haven't taken them to a park in over 2 years

im physically and emotionally drained there seems to be no cure r help and hardly any funding I cant understand why I no people r worse of but I recently read that hair loss gets more nhs funding than fibro good news for people with a bald spot although I doubt there in actual pain,

sorry for the rant im new on here don't have any friends left and as I look ok my family seem to think it can be shrugged of im just at my breaking point I just don't no how im going to have r give my children a decent life being like this

p.s my kids r happy polite and i keep my mini break downs away from them i just worry im not the normal super mum like the ones at there school

Hello Zoe,

I just had to reply to you as you sound amazing. My heart does go out to you, tho', as I can see you are having a real struggle. Your kids sound lovely and you are obviously doing a good job with them. I hope you can reach out to your family, they probably know sometings wrong. Your mental health is very important too. Please let us know how you are doing.

Take care,Anne

thank you my mum does help with the school run etc but then asks me go shopping "you need to get some fresh air" becase you cant see my illness its hard to explain my sister has MS she looks ok no signs she's had it for 5 years but because people can see that on a scan its accepted more than what i have i feel like all i do is moan but i just need some one to understand me

here we understand you zoe. i just wanted to stop and say hello to you and send you some



Hi Zoe, I am glad to meet you! I understand things are challenging, Fibro is difficult enough on its' own and you have other conditions as well. Have you talked with your doctor about how you are feeling emotionally? There are medications that can really help with depression and I know from personal experience that once my mind was in a better space I was better able to handle the medical issues. I know you are new here, have you had a chance to look around the site? There are some great discussions and tips on things. Also, there are some discussions that focus on talking with others about how you feel. We have a mindfulness and relaxation group as well that you might be interested in, there are some things there that people find helpful in managing pain. I will go ahead and attach links to a few discussions here for you. Hugs.

hi just want to say sorry for my little rant was having a few bad days and really struggling still feel rubbish probably because im getting no sleep at night..

thanks for listening anyway its been good to no there are people out there who understand that im not crazy or lazy it just gets tff sometimes im trying be super mum super wife mean while im running on empty burning myself out.