Immune system

I am curiuse but do you all seem to have a week immiune sytem and feel you get sick easier than the average person? also anyone experience pins and needle pain int here eye after going into freezing air?

Hi Victoria, I can say with certainty that it takes longer to recover from anything, as far as a weak immune, many do, but I personally avoid germs like crazy ( carry my hand sanitizer ) and take tons of immune boosting supplements like echinacea, zinc and vit c … I try 2 not leave any room to get sick, I feel awful enough, without having the flu or a cold. My diet is very carefully planned, anti- inflammation diet, candida diet and gluten free, I exercise 3x a day also … Sounds like a lot, but I just started, mainly because I felt myself getting worse… So I’m willing to try anything even exercise… Ride a recumbent bike 6 min, 3x day, would like to build that up as I can.

I hope I didn’t over answer

Hugs & blessings


Hi Victoria,

I can relate to the eye and cold exposure, but I have two autoimmune diseases that may be attributed to mine. I have Sjogren's that causes dryness to the eyes and mouth, and Raynaud's Phenomenon (both are secondary diseases, the Primary is Psoriatic Arthritis), that caused me problems with overall cold exposure, but especially the hands and feet.

It is not likely you have these, but mention this to your Dr, just to be sure, but there is most likely a much simpler answer!

I'd hoped that you'd be feeling better! Hope that happens very soon for you, my friend!

Love and hugs,


BTW, in my case, with autoimmune disease, my immune system is in hyper-overdrive attacking my body. The immune system is responding to these genetic diseases that attack my body.

Now for people with CFS, I'm just not sure. I know it is caused by a virus. It seems to be controversial. I'll ask Renie, she worked for a Rheumatologist for about 11 years, she knows this inside and out! Some of our nurses may be able to help me out also!

No, oddly I have a very good immune system when it comes to colds, etc. You should have your doctor test you for auto-immune illnesses, etc. It may be fibro or it might be something more. I couldn't tell you on this topic.