Common colds and viral infection, have you had less since fibro started?

I have noticed that, since I've had fibro, I haven't been picking up any flu bugs or colds, even when I'm around those who have one. I'd be interested to know if anyone noticed more or less.

Yes, I have but, considering that with autoimmune diseases, my immune system is in hyper over-drive it is not surpirsing. The biggest danger I face, being on an immunosuppressant (Enbrel) is infection. I have read of several stories on the Psoriatic Arthritis site that those who develop infections or need surgery who have had to stop the Biologic long enough for their body to heal, when they return to the drug often times, it is no longer affective.

I have not had any colds, etc really since my fibro got so bad, about a year. I only feel like I have the flu a lot(muscle aches and weakness). Yuck!

i actually got the stomach flu for the 1st time ever at least that i know of. i was so sick for about 5 days. i remember that i woke up that day and didnt feel to good. i went to my friends to take her to the store. i ended up just having her take my car and i layed down at her house. within hours i developed a high fever bad diarrea and a bad headache. i dont remember how high my fever was all i know is that i was under several blankets and i was so cold i was shivering under like 3 blankets. within about 5 hours of my fever starting i ended up going to the er. my friennd said i had lost all color in my face and that i didnt look good at all. i remember being in the er and being so out of it. after fluids and zofram i felt a little better but it took a week to finally get back to normal.

i have had fibro since 09 but since about April of this of this year i have had one problem after another. i havent had a break. its just been one thing after another. it seems like i just cant win. i am not sure how many other things i will have to deal with. i am glad that at least u and others have had a break from colds and flus. i know this disease can run havoc on us and we deal with so much. its nice not having to worry about common colds and flus. we have enough on our plates.

Yeah thats weird too because we're supposed to be more susceptible to them. I can't remember that last time I did. None since the fibro at all I don't think, and thats been seven years. I think you may have just found the plus side to fibro! I was hoping it would cause weight loss but not been so lucky yet.

True, it bloody feels like we have the flu all the time, so we probably wouldn't even notice it if we did!

That's what I thought. Immune system in over-drive. Catch 22 with the Enbrel, huh? That stinks. We can't win for losing sometimes.

We need all the plus sides that we can get. I know it's easy to gain weight cause munching out can become a coping mechanism for all the pain.

Too right! Thats very true about munching out too. I'm a terrible binge eater, then on a diet for a few weeks lol.

They are germy little buggers, aren't they? lol

Hospitals are the dirtiest places in the world, least amount of time you spend in them the better off you are.