Upper Respiratory Infections--Just Me?

I'm still relatively new to fibromyalgia and to the group, so forgive me if this is ground that has been covered before, but do any of you get frequent upper respiratory infections or just frequent colds in general? I am sick all the time--bronchitis, wheezing, trouble breathing, flu-like symptoms--to the point where I used all of my sick days last year (I'm a teacher). I'm out sick again today, and I feel like I'm starting to relive last year all over again. I know being around hundreds of kids every day doesn't help, but other people, even new teachers, don't get sick like me, and I used to work in a hospital setting some years ago and never got sick like this. I often had these issues as a child, but I grew out of them after about 10 years old--or so I thought. It is really wreaking havoc on my life, and it makes the pain so much worse to handle. Thanks for your insight.

Actually, I've noticed the opposite since I've been dealing with fibromyalgia. I haven't had an upper respiratory infection for years. Only thing I got was valley fever, but that is fungal, not bacterial or viral. I had started a discussion about that awhile back. Kind of interesting.

I got a stomach recently and it took 2 weeks to finally kick it, which is much longer than it usually takes me to recover. So I'm not sure of an answer to your question but thought I'd put this out there for you.

I will check out your discussion--thanks for your reply!

Your reply helped--something else I've noticed is that it takes me much longer to recover from these things than it used to. I usually go back to work still feeling bad but afraid to miss any more days.

Yeah! What's that about? Fibro is only supposed to be an overabundance of pain signals so why do illnesses take much longer to recover from? I've noticed this on more than one occasion.

You have it tough because you're around all of those germs. Maybe an ongoing higher dose of Vitamin C might help some? You could ask your doctor about the possibility

No its not just yu! Im a headstart teacher and I know get really bad colds and longer than normal! Hope you feel better! Hugs

Hello Tess, so nice to hear from you again! Being a teaches must expose you to all possible viruses and 'bugs'.

This link seems to reverse this as people with repeated colds and upper respitory infections are prone to get Fibromyalgia!


This link has some good info and preventative advice.


This link is more in line to answering your question


Hope something here is of help to you, Tess.



All my problems started with a "virus" last autumn. I found some of the doctors brushed me off because I also work with children (the assumption seems to be that if you work with kids, you'll catch everything). When I finally saw a rheumatologist, I was expecting to be told I had an autoimmune disease and/or chronic fatigue syndrome - not fibro.

Liz, I've experienced that same attitude about working with kids and being sick all the time. I don't think that's something people should consider normal. I hope your doctor is helpful.

Hey SK! Your links were very helpful and made me feel like I'm not going crazy. :) Thank you so much!

Thanks, Amberlyn! I hope you feel better as well!

I'm definitely going to ask about the Vitamin C--I bought some, but I do want to consult my doctor first. Thanks!

please let us know if it helps. I'm curious to see if fibro impacts us on that front as well.

I hope you're feeling better today!


Hope you are feeling much better, Tess. I was out a few days because the storms took down power and internet, so I am trying to play catch up with everyone to see how they are.

Looking back on my life, it has always taken me longer than anyone else or the Doctor/Medical/Insurance/Work related time allowed. Must have been my personal autoimmune pre-disposition. At least it is my way of thinking about it at this moment. As we learn more and experience more, our own ideas evolve. Now that I know my body was heading towards immune hyper-overdrive, I suppose it makes more sense. I think it must be as exhausting as immune deficiency at times, other times it is like I'm on an adrenaline rush, other times it adrenal fatigue, I suppose. Not sure how to describe it. Just a constant battle for some semblance of 'normal'.

I'm rambling, wanted to ask how you are, what your Doctor says.

Wishing you well,