Does any one else have this problem

It seems like Im easily able to catch others' colds Enen ear infections which are not supposed to be contagious once Im sick it take much longer for me to get beter than it does other people Im wondering if it's the fibro and if anyone experiences this

I personally haven’t experienced it however, my neighbor who also has fms and cfs has commented.on this very subject also. She states that she can not be around anyone who is sick or she will catch it and be down forever.

I tend to find the opposite, that I get less sick. Could be that I go out less!


It seems as though it has always taken me longer to get over just about anything that you can get, even when I thought I was in good health.

I think that because we have so much going on with fibro that things have a more pronounced affect on us. What does your Doc have to say about it?

Hope you can have a peaceful night's sleep and a very good day tomorrow!