I cannot recall the time I had experienced this much fibro fog. I am so upset. Right now I am looking for my mueller wrist brace to wear to sleep. It's softer than the custom one to sleep in. I had it this morning, i saw it a few hours ago and now I can't find it and I am tired and very angry that I want to cry.

I keep forgetting where things are ALL THE TIME!! I've had my share of FF but not like this! I can't remember where I put my purse and it's hanging on the door knob to my room. It's like I can't sleep now, for more reasons. . I can sleep in the custom splint but I I misplaced the black and more comfy arm sleeve I wear under it, I have the green striped uncomfy one but It will bother me to sleep in.

I am crying now, I just can't take it. This SUCKS!!!

Hang in there Mo, fibro fog can be so annoying. I know ,I have to write everything down, I have little yellow sticky notes everywhere. Do you have some sort of stress reduction ? If your fibro fog seems worse, I would look into some type of stress relief, perhaps something you enjoy doing. I love horses, so for me an hr at the barn does wonders.

Oh, Mo, I'm sorry you couldn't find your comfy brace. Not being comfortable in sleep makes for a bad night's sleep. I hope you've found your brace by now so tonight is better. You mentioned being in worse pain recently, and I think that's why the fibro fog is worse. Your mind literally only has enough brain cells to handle so much. Pain puts us over to the "tilt" side. Maybe you need more sleep, Mo. It can help some with my fog.

I do sympathize with the fibro fog, Mo. I went to the doctor today and came home realizing I didn't have the house key on my key ring. And I'd taken the spare out of the porch, so it wasn't available. Meanwhile, I was having awful cramping from my stomach issue. Finally I got sick in the cat box - in the stifling heat. If that wasn't one of the most humiliating moments of my life!

I guess we just do the best we can, and try to take good care of ourselves so we aren't further stressed. Eat well, sleep well, relax, write notes...and buy an extra sling for when you can't find your primary one.

So I found my wrist brace. was under the folded piece of carpet that lays under the coffee table that I folded over to clean under and forgot to pull back down. I get home today and see it, pull it down and there is my damn brace. I couldn't help but both laugh and be angry.

I used to think in the last couple of years when my pain started getting pretty bad, 'at least I don't have fibro fob'. Boy was I wrong. I understand your frustration with it. At work they like to joke that I remember everything, which is true I remember client names and dates, as well as other peoples conversations. Lately though, I've been forgetting the simplest things, I spelt Cinnamon with an S even. Not to mention I lost a favorite pair of jeans for about a week, to find they were underneath a bag on the floor. So I understand where you're coming from.

I've been keeping a pain journal and I've found that when my pain gets worse EVERYTHING gets worse. When I'm in intense pain I can't sleep, can't deal with stress, I forget everything, and I totally become and ultra bitch. I'm glad you found your brace though! Sometimes you've just gotta laugh at the silly things you forget.

According to my Rheumatologist it is all from the chronic pain! UGH! Hope you can get it under control!

You know, Mo, it's also possible that the meds you're on are exacerbating the fibro fog. I've found this to be true with Lyrica. Since I've been ill over the past week, I haven't taken it - couldn't swallow anything solid for a while there - and I found myself a lot clearer, less tired and less dizzy. It might be worth looking into.

I did that too, Mo, even as I was locked out in the hot porch with awful stomach pains. A part of me found it pretty funny. I mean, who does stupid stuff like that? Lucille Ball?

But I'm glad you've found your brace.

I will tell you, tho, that I found using the brace ended up increasing the pain in my elbow exponentially, and I'm not sure why. Maybe the pain will ratchet up again once the weather turns. I know it was pretty bad before I used the brace. I'm just telling you this in case it could be true for you, too. If your pain is worse, you might want to try going without it for a few days to see if the pain level changes. Fibro seems to do weird stuff to us. I surely wasn't expecting the brace to make my elbow hurt so much more!

Oh the joys of FIBRO FOG

as for the braces, they help me. Without it the pain increases so easily. When I wear it helps SOOOO much so to go without it increases the pain.

I start physical therapy on my hands this week so hopefully it will get better in time.

It is worth a look, Petunia! Meds help one thing, side effects can hinder something else!

SO true! Unbelievable how much of a fog that Lyrica puts me in. But when we have to choose between fog...or's a difficult choice.

How's the PT going, Mo? Is it helping with the pain?

I drove past my own street today…twice.

I think it's only a problem if you meet yourself driving by.

I thought I looked familiar… I did not turn at the first stop sign…so I pretended I meant to do it and went to the store…lol