The demon that is FIBRO FOG

It’s only been the last 5 or 6 years that the fog has really overwhelmed me. And since I’m going on 18 years diagnosed I’d say that’s a pretty decent ratio compared to some. However, its really starting to get to me. The biggest is with my kids. My son who is working his real first job this summer needs to have uniforms. I need to buy or pay for them but I need to get them ordered. I keep saying ill do it but by the time I remember during the day its to friggin late. And then to top of off I keep thinking he needed them later rather than sooner but then he just tells me tonight that he’s going to be gone starting the weekend of the 7th because he’s in training. And I feel horrible because I once again forgot. It’s driving me bat crap crazy! Side note its been rough too because my husband is the only income and after all that’s taken care of there’s really not that much monies left over to buy extras and I think that part of the stresses with little income doesn’t help my memory.2nd sidenote…I have a job interview tomorrow. I’m so nervous I just can’t help myself.

Thanks for the ear.

Oh I can't even tell you how awful this has been for me. I think I have struggled with it for a while and didn't realize it. I think during my semesters in school I would think I just wasn't trying hard enough. It wasn't until the last two semesters or so I realized that I really was having memory/concentration/understanding issues. Since December or so it seems like it's gone into overdrive. I can't read more than a few paragraphs without feeling like I'm trying to read astrophysics and my brain shutting down. I can forget things in as little as 10 minutes, even if it's something I am physically doing like taking a medicine. It also makes just comprehending things difficult sometimes. I always tell my mom I hate it because it makes me feel like a dementia patient.

I hear you from my heart! Hang in there, modify your expectations of yourself and forgive all the ignorance about this illness.



Hi Punkin!

I have a suggestion, NOTES, find a spot where you cannot miss them, bathroom mirror, coffee pot, fridge door, and make yourself complete the task on the note before you comb your hair, or make your coffee, or prepare a meal. This helps me!

Hope you are having a better day, my friend!


Omg it's like finding my twin sisters!! haha. I so understand all you are saying. It feels like you're going crazy or turning into a man with selective hearing lmao. You can stare at someone who is talking to you be it family or friends or doctors or teachers and you can just feel the words go in one ear and straight back out again. It's not like i'm ignorant or can't be bothered. You try your hardest and it just won't stay in your head! I write to-do lists and update them every day and shopping lists and notes etc but there's always something missing! It's so frustrating because I "used to be" a really clever person with top memory and mental skills like maths etc but now I feel like an old woman with alzheimers. No offence to them but you know what I mean. Don't feel bad about it though. Embrace it as part of your new you and you have to admit it is pretty funny most of the time...

The fog really gets to me too. As soon as I lay something down, it is lost. And this is inside my home. I miss appointments that I had just checked that morning on the calendar, like you by the time I remember something that needed handled it is past 5. My mother was quite critical and very unsympathetic thinking it was all an act, until she started visiting with 4 women in the church who also have it as bad as me.

First, good luck on your job interview! I'm sure the stress is also affecting your fibro fog.

I wholeheartedly feel for you on this issue. Having had ADD for all of my life, it's been pretty standard for me to forget stuff all of the time. But I can imagine the fear it must engender when you're NOT used to memory issues. It's frightening to lose things, forget things, stare at books, blank out entirely...

The best advice I can give is try to get as much rest/sleep as you can because it seems to be worsened when you're tired. Or stressed. The more you stress on it, the worse it gets. Take it easy on yourself; fibro fog is part of your illness.

I try to keep as many organizational tools around as I can: daily planner in my purse for ALL appts and important things, all kinds of cutesie boxes to store things in...file folders to put important papers in. I try to make it fun by chosing pretty boxes and file folders and make it a point to get a daily planner with a chihuahua on the cover (the dogs I have.) That way, having a personal bond with the items, I feel more inclined to use them rather than resent them for holding the info that I just can't.

Hope this helps a bit. My very best to you on this awful symptom.

Pet, I have gone from feeling good (good for me) and not sleeping, to sleeping and feeling like I've been run over by a truck! So who gets that? I don't get it at all!

What is strange for me is that when I work the games for fundraising is that if its a game that we have to leave early in the morning I sleep like crap all night Long… But if I have an afternoon game where I don’t have to leave until 3pm I sleep pretty good. The weirdest thing of all is that I usually sleep horribly until my husband gets out of bed to get ready for work. I can’t force myself to sleep but the second my husband’s alarm goes off I sleep like a baby for the hour and 50 minutes until he leaves the house.

Side note
Thank you all for your suggestions. Notes…I forget where I put them. Sleep…I’ve explained that one look oh yeah also, I take zanaflex. I love it but my one drawback is if I am woken up after I have fallen asleep I am like the energizer bunny ugh…

Hahahaha, I know exactly what you mean. I know when I'm not going to sleep. I get the insomnia hiss in my head and just think "oh great". The anxiety really affects sleep too. If I know I have to get up early I end up clock watching all night, but if I have no pressures for the next day it's not so bad. I must admit when I slept in the same bed as my ex my sleep was worse too. Just too sensitive to sleep and other people breathing / snoring. When people ask me about my symptoms I often forget to tell them about the fibro fog too, thats how clever it is!!