Is it just me?

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like their family can care less about the pain that you go through? I’m over feeling sorry for myself but maybe its time for me to silence myself and not talk about how I feel nobody seems to care!!! Maybe I’m just in my feelings!!! IDK anymore!

I think it's hard for others to understand what they can't see. Sometimes I stop myself from verbalising my pain because it is also hard for others to hear when others are in pain.

When my daughter (12) hits her leg or bumps her arm (no blood or bruising), the first few times she says arrhhh awe etc I'm sympathetic but if she keeps on about it, I do find myself saying stuff like "oh ok we know you hit your leg but you don't have to go on about it", am I being mean? I hope not lol, but my point is, that there's only so much people can listen to or sympathise with when they can't see, or feel it.

When my hubby calls and asks how I am during the day, I never tell him unless I'm worse than normal, because there's nothing he can do, it just makes him feel bad. After I told my friends about my condition, I realised they didn't talk about their ailments anymore, they felt bad to complain about minor things, so I told them that is silly and what each person goes through is personal and important to them.

I'm not saying you should hold it in all the time but you have to pick and choose what you say and to who. I hope your family do care, they probably just don't understand.

You can always talk on here, we all get it, and we all feel that way at some point. xoxo

Thanks and no you aren’t being mean! Yes they are supportive sometimes it just gets rough like I’m all alone but now I know I can come here! Its not that they dont care because I have a good family its like you said they don’t understand


hope your having a good day or night ( it's 11 am for me) xoxo

Yes it did help I appreciate it. I will stop sharing for a while and c how it goes


Thanks so much you have helped me so much

Hi Amberlyn,

NO, it;s not just you. All they really know is that they don't feel good either, and have to get through their day.

Most of us have this problem, even the ones who have Autoimmune diseases have this problem. We are here for you, we do understand.

Thank you for understanding

I feel the exact same way, no one wants to listen anymore and it seems like they don't care. I am sick of saying I feel s*** and can't do something or something hurts and then they say, well my shoulder, back, legs etc hurt too.

I push myself every single to point of collapsing in pain and crying everyday. I just have to hide in the bathroom to cry. It is a horrible feeling to feel that alone and I am with you. Hope you are having a good day.


All of family won't read anything I show them , they just say they know and ignore me. Unfortunately I am alone in this.

Wow Wendy I’m here if u need me! My family is supportive sometimes I just feel alone because no one can understand how I feel but u guys of course hugs

I think its more they do not understand. And we continue to try and explain it because we want so badly for them to understand. I have accepted that there is no way they can possibly understand completely. Pick and choose who you share things with I don’t say anything unless I am asked and then I keep it short, it took me a while to get to that point.

You're definately not alone. I discovered after telling people I had Trigeminal Neuralgia that people just didn't understand and so I stopped talking about it after a while. My boss (who is very much like a father to me) has just recovered from Cancer and believes that that is the worst thing in the world that anyone can go through, which I totally agree with, but he also doesn't think anyone else knows what real pain is. I've stopped telling him how bad I feel now as he just doesn't believe me. I haven't even told him about the Fibro because I know it'll just be a waste of time. You can always vent here! We get it!

Thanks I feel much better now

Thanks yal now I dont feel alone I have a place to come and be understood

Thanks its hard but we will all get thru this I look forward to talking to yu