Is there anyone else here also suffering from Bipolar and/or Interstitial Cystitis?

I've got all three and would love to compare notes

Hi Trish, I don’t suffer from either, but I have been a Urology Nurse for 22 years and treated, dealt with and seen many IC patients. Also have a very close friend that suffers with bipolar. Both can been very difficult at times as I’m sure you know. I’m prob more familiar with the IC, do you get any kind of treatment for it ?
Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions, also my closest. Friend is a urologist… I could easily ask him anything you would like. I know IC is a horrible thing to live with, I also have a close friend that has been diagnosed with IC & she is on the verge of having her bladder out. I hope you are having some relief tonight, my thoughts are with you :slight_smile:
Hugs & blessings

I've had IC for six years, it started the downward spiral for me. I have it in fairly good control most of the time with my diet and some of the meds I'm on.

My bestfriend from kindergarten was diagnosed with Bipolar this year. It didn't surprise me in the least. She's unmedicated right now and I can tell when her mood swings.

Hae Trish! Glad you posted.

Yes, I have all 3 of these. I'm sorry to say. :0) I was diagnosed with IC in 2001. The urologist offered me a prescription for it and he said I could try to control it with diet. I'm sure the meds have changed since then, but I was afraid to take the prescription. That was pre-fibro, when my body was pure, with no drugs at all. HA! Little did I know what was coming, right? Anyway, I opted out of the rx. It turned out that I was perimenopausal also. I had an appt with my MD and talked to her about everything that was going on with me and I ended up starting on Hormone Replacement Therapy. I still take a very low, compounded mix of estrogen and progesterone. Believe it or not the hormone replacement stopped my IC symptoms. Now, 12 years after diagnosis, I only have to be careful not to drink soda, orange juice or eat too many tomatoes. Otherwise, I'm nearly symptom free from IC. I would opt to take the prescription for it, if I were still having problems. Have you tried anything for it? I have a very good friend who takes a prescription for it and does very well. Maybe dee can tell us the names of the rx's offered now.

The bi-polar diagnosis for me came in a weird way. I have seen the same psychologist/life coach for almost 25 years now. Raising 4 kids came with plenty of "stuff" to talk about, not to mention marriage "stuff". Anyway, he helped me prepare to do my SSD application. I already had the fibro dx from a Fibro Clinic. My Psych doc did some extra testing so we would have more to show SSD on paper. I tested severely depressed and with severe anxiety. My Psych Doc never called it bi-polar, but when I got my papers back from SSD, they called me bi-polar because of having both diagnosis'... and they approved me. I don't know what your symptoms are. I am assuming they vary greatly from person to person. I know there are different types of bi-polar, but honestly I've never studied it. I don't get the manic stages where a person is up for days cleaning and buzzing around. Do you have that? I imagine that would send a fibro person into terrible flares. I do get the down, where I'm really low for days on end. The good thing about that is, I have a couple of good friends and a husband that always seem to be there for those times.

As far as meds for the bi-polar, I don't have much experience with that either. I am so sensitive to the mental health meds that I have had to settle for a minimal dose of Celexa and a minimal dose of Effexor. It seems like torture when a doctor asks me to try something new. I usually have side effects of terrors. So I stick with what is safe for me. They take the edge off, but I wish there were more.

Trish you can message me anytime. I don't know if I have even touched on what your needs are. You can ask me anything and I'll try to help. I'm sorry you have this triple whammy. Sounds like dee is a great resource for the IC.

Feel Better,


I found out that I had IC about 4 years ago at the same time I had a kidney stone. It started out with a UTI that never went away or so felt like it. I suffered for 4 months back and forth to the doctor until I went to a Uro and found out it was a stone. After they removed it I still had issues so they put me on Elmiron and it has worked great except for the urethra burning. I found out this week on another site that other people with this problem take Levsin for the burning. I have also had IBS my whole life and take Bentyl for it but never thought it could stop this horrible burning. I tried it and within 30 mins it was gone for awhile that was better than a gift at Christmas lol.