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Hi All, All can be going great or as great as can be then something has to be done done then I just go crazy just little things like feed the dogs or chickens wah dishes or things that need to be done its like I am so upset over nonthing all I can think of do this again and again,So hard to handle anything. and I stay of sleepy I can sit down and go to sleep I need a chill pill

I think I know what you mean. It's those daily chores that seem overwhelming because they never stay done for very long. You do laundry and a week later you have to do it AGAIN.

One thing that helps me is to use a timer. For something like washing dishes, I'll set the timer for 5-10 minutes. When the timer goes off, I have permission to stop. If I'm almost done, I'll usually just finish up. Otherwise, I set my timer and rest for a while then go back and work on it a little more later.

The other thing I've done before is to time how long it actually takes me to do something. How long does it really take you to feed the dogs? Is there a way you could make it easier or more efficient? If you find out you can do it in 3 minutes, then it won't seem like such a daunting task.

Dear Bet,

I do understand! Hard enough to take care of ourselves, huh? The exhaustion is just overwhelming sometimes. Talk to your Doctor about this, there may be something that can help you with these feelings, he may just have a 'chill pill' that could help you tremendously.

I hope you can work through this, also hope you have some help, or can find some!



The dogs might object if they don't get fed every day. LOL.

One thing my shrink told me is to put some fun things on your to-do list. That way your to-do list doesn't feel like a total burden and you'll feel better when you see things crossed off it.

Ooh, I like this idea! It makes tasks seem more manageable! And Bet, trust me, the fatigue is killer. I have to lie down and sleep by 2 PM. No exceptions cause my body and brain just shut down at that time. Maybe setting the timer might make your tasks more manageable and allow you time to rest, which is extremely important to us.