It's like winter here again! BRRR!

I just took the trash out, and it's freezing cold, with the arctic winds blowing! All of the storms have made it so very cold again! Between the drop in barometric pressure, the cold, the rain, it feels like someone has broken every bone in my body!

Come on sunshine!

I hear ya! The weather here too has dropped on top of rain and wind! Yeah come on sunshine where are you? I am sorry that this effects you so profoundly SK. Winter months are worse for me I avoided going out as much as possible! I always seem to forget when my pain is worse that it is because of the weather. Makes sense now that I wasn't doing great yesterday :( I hope the weather perks up for both of us!! For us they say Saturday the sun will grace us with her presence!!! Yay!!! Talk the best of care <3

Similar weather here too. What ever happened to Spring?



Hi Sk, the cold bothers me too. Makes every single joint, bone, and muscle in my body hurt. But at the same time, I prefer the cold over the extreme heat. I am not a happy camper when the temps reach 90 and above. I start to get grouchy at 85 actually, lol

Hoping your weather warms up some for you, so that you can be comfortable, and your pain eases!

Hugs, Vicky

Mom and I had haircuts, then went for groceries, my tank was as empty as it could get, husband has promised me he would fill it, well, I had to do it, and my pain level has been off the charts since! I have had to turn the heat on again, am in fleece, and still freezing cold! It's like the cold and damp seep into these old bones and I feel like I need to climb in the oven to get any relief! Ha!

I can take heat, but the humidity here is crushing, I know it would help to live in a warmer, drier climate, but the pain of being away from my son and grandkids would be far worse than enduring the weather here!