Weather changes and Fibro

Ooohhh my fibro does not like changes in the weather!! It's suddenly changed from lovely warm days to damp/rainy cold days here in the UK. Autumn has arrived!!!

I'm sooooo stiff and achy!! feel like I'm 87 not 47 !!! Brrrrrr chilly!!!

i lucy , I know the weather change is awful , the summer was terrible the humidity m

I also have problems with the weather, extreme heat which we get in the summer or extreme cold which we also get and the damp rainy weather does it too, even the hurricanes we get affects it. I live in eastern NC so we do tend to get all of the weather changes here.

yes the weather is the worst thats why when winter comes i am usually mostly found in my bed or on the couch hoping one day for a change

OOh I could write a book about the weather

This year we have had unbelievably hot weather and we spent 12 glorious days touring Scotland. I must admit the pain was there but bearable. Now the nights are getting darker and the mornings colder (we actually had frost) I am so dreading the damp and cold last year we were some days around -20 c. The answer is layers I look about 42lbs heavier when I go out.

Oh and thank heavens for thermal underwear the best thing invented.

Keep warm xx

Oh yes, I'm with you on this! The winter is the worst! Sometimes when it's cold and damp, I feel like I want to turn the oven on and climb in!

Weather changes, especially barometric changes are really tough on us, even worse if we also have arthritis of some kind!

Sometimes my clothing or bedding feels cold and damp, I throw them in the dryer for 10 minutes and that seems to help tremendously!

My HEARTFELT condolences. Lucy. I think we're also in for an early autumn. And when that barometric pressure changes, ooooooh how it make our bodies ache! I'm going to Florida for the worst two months this year, as last winter nearly did me in (car accident that made me almost completely unable to walk, except for short distances.) I don't suppose that you could run off to Spain or the Loire River Valley for a few winter months, to get out of your worst weather? No, that's probably wishful thinking on my part for you. So again, I really feel for you. Even if you keep your house warm, the fibro is still hurting more thanks to the change in barometric pressure. I wish there was a way to change the barometric pressure in your house so you wouldn't feel the change and your body wouldn't swell from inflammation.

Don't feel that it's just you. I felt the same last year and feel it again this year. I do believe that fibro is progressive. Just my humble opinion but you sound like I did last year, when I was still working. Now I just feel knocked out from the fibro, no energy left to fight it much anymore. Just go with the flow while trying to ignore it as I rest on my couch.

Yes. That's the story of my life, much of the time. Sorry to hear that it's yours, too, Victoria.

The tour of Scotland sounds wonderful! I've come across some incredible photos of it, showing it in it's wild glory. Of course, I wouldn't want to be there in the winter, what with only a few small hours of sunlight and such punishing weather!

-20C, that's about uhhhhh -4F. Yup, that's pretty miserable! And we're only 3-4 months away from very cold weather. Hard to believe. This summer seemed too short to me, a lot of cool, rainy days, along with several steamy ones. And the daylight is shortening. i really do dread the fall and winter now, although I used to I the fall and not mind a moderate winter.

Get this, I'm going apple picking with some friends and my sister next week. But I get to sit in the car and wait while they pick. Or maybe I could lug my walker out and try to walk to a tree or two and cane me down some apples with my handy dandy cane, then sit for an hour and wait for the apple pickers to return. I mean, this is the lame-o kind of trips I used to arrange for my 80 year old seniors who were of sort of sound mind and a bit of sound body. I'm taking an 80 year old apple picking trip! The irony is not lost upon me. (I'm having a tough time since quitting my job. It's hard to accept that I was mobile up until Jan of 2013, then whammo, all gone.)

I love your little winter bunnies all wrapped up in their winter jackets. Yeh, layering is the only way to deal with those cold days! Smart little bunnies. I hope you manage to stay warm, too, Cookie, and stay OUT of that cold.

Mmmmm, sounds soooo good! Wish my dryer wasn't downstairs in the basement.

Oh I hope you enjoy your'e day out.

We tour different parts of Scotland every year and look for lovely walks, but I am afraid I can no longer do that.

The weather here is horrible in the winter, but beautiful inside looking out.

My best friend is my hot water bottle don't go anywhere for a sleepover without it ha! ha!


Same here lucy, its horrible im so sore n stiff, my bones reject cold weather :frowning: im more brittle now than ever, hope you feel better :slight_smile:

Yes Lucy, autumn is here in Oregon too. It's been pouring rain today. We had a wonderful summer, but it's over now and we have winter to look forward too. We're trying to be creative and think of better ways to warm the house. That stiffness we get is the worst.

You take care. I'll think of you knitting away. I'm working on a crewel project. We can compare progress.

Keep warm!



It was so pretty for a couple of days now its rained all day and I feel horrible the stiffness is the worst. My daughter cooked supper for my mom I have slept most of the day and feel like going back to bed. I have always loved the fall but I think this year is going to be very rough for me.

Great idea! And maybe you both could share photos with us here? Maybe we should have a separate group for this, like craft page showing finished projects, as well as work in progress. I'm working on a picture of a leprechaun to go along with a book I wrote. I'm not an artist, so I wish the picture would just kind of finish itself. Crafts can be a ton of fun, though, can't they? I don't know about you two ladies but I love colors. Do you love picking colors out and then putting them into the project? I sure do!

Last winter was a lot rougher on me than the previous one. I really think that fibro is progressive, but it's just my opinion. But, yes, the change in seasons makes a huge difference in my fibro. I hope it won't be too bad on everyone; I guess we will have to wait and see.