Joining the member map

i looked at the member map tonight and its not very full seeing as there r over 800 members. i was checking to see if there were any fibro members where i live. so everyone i meet is in a state far away or out of the country. it would b great if every one took a few minutes to join the map. i feel that way we may b able to find fellow fibro members near us.

i know i have gotten to know so many people on this site and i know there is no way to know if i will ever meet them. however if we knew there was someone close by us then we could b even better friends cause we could actually visit one another.

i hope this will encourage others to join.

Thats true. It's great we've made real friends on this site that understand us and support us, and make each other laugh.

It would be cool to see where everyone lives, and if there's someone nearby. I found out "Nuttynikki" only lives 60 miles away the other day which is pretty cool.

Thing is I would travel anywhere in the world to visit such a good friend like most on here. However it is a killer travelling from England to UK but I would defo do it again (esp because I'm a little mad).

Maybe we could meet up as a big group somewhere for a few days. Maybe I am day dreaming. lol. It would be so cool though. Hey, once you have done your video and made a fortune, you could pay for us all to meet up lol. Awww it would be so good though.

Someone needs to win the lottery! I will get the winning ticket tomorrow and the beer's on me! (urghhhh... hangover...) About time we had some luck!!