Just curious, has anyone thought about trying medical marijuana for the pain?

I dont want to imply that I am smoking it, I am afraid to with my asthma anyway but the thought has crossed my mind and I am just wondering if anyone else has thought about it. Thanks for your answers.

hi Rebecca i have heard good things about medical marijuana helping with pain. i also have asthma so smoking it would b out of the question but i heard they can give it to u in a form that u sprinkle on food. the has been romurs about it helping with ADHD and since kids r the main ones with this disodrer they can b smoking it. that is when i heard of it coming in a form to b mixed with food.

this drug has gotten a bad name but one thing people forget sometimes is its all natural. i think it could really help with fibro pain.

I was wondering the same myself. I believe they have a pill form. It is only legal in somestates and then there are a bunch of conditions placed on the amount you can have, etc. This link explains it all and tells you where it is legal.


I wouldn’t want to smoke it myself but a pill form would be nice. Unfortunately, it is not legal in my state.

Technically its not legal. Federally. I have seriously thought about it. I mean if doctors give cancer patience MM for pain and sleeping hy couldn’t I take that? I mean I am on a medication that typically they only give cancer patience and such. It’s less harmful to the body in Sooo many ways than our synthetic medications are. THC has no effect on the liver or other vital organs yet our synthetic drugs have horrible consequenses sometimes. However, regardless if your state is a MM state it isstill illegal like I said federally. Not only that but for example a friend of mine is a NRA handgun instructor. And posseses a concealed carry license and sadly he is also been diagnosed for 8 years now with MS. Now he takes 12 different types of medication. 8 of which are for pain I guess. And he could get rid of those 8 prescriptions a month costing upwards of $3k a month if he was to obtain his MM card. But sadly the laws currently in place state that if he does that he has to loose his employment as an NRA instructor and other places such as police academies and such where he teaches gun handling and marksmanship. These are just a few of the problems with our laws. We need to make a.change!

Sorry for the rant but its close to my heart as I’m a chronic pain patient and a gun totin momma!

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But yet again the pill is synthetic so your still putting the other crud in your body. You can use a vaporizer which extracts the TCH in a vapor form and you inhale it. It’s not a smoke its more of like when you use a vaporizer to hydrate your room. Or when you use a pot of water to give yourself a facial over the stove lol

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Sounds good to me. Just my opinion, but I think marijuana should be legal. If it was, I’d be lighting one up or making some awesome pot brownies!

If your source was a legal, governmental source, then I would be less worried about using it than buying it from Joe off the street, who got it from goodness knows where. And even still, studies have shown that if you have a propensity for scizophrenia, marijuana could bring it to the surface.

Hahaaha. Last thing I need is MORE munchies lol

I'll be honest when I was first ilI used to smoke a little and it did help a bit. Only a litle bit, not a full on Bob Marley. Any more and it acually made it worse, and mash your brain a bit lol. It helped chill out in the evening too before going to bed.

It would be good for some people if they can get it in pill form although I don't know how it would be for each person. I guess it depends on the quality of the plant and which type they used. And you have a little giggle too.

But some people who have weaker minds may get a bit paranoid. It's all a balance for everything with us.

Er scuse me????

You spelt my name wrong. Lmao!!

We gotta take our pleasures where we can get 'me.

Aha, we have our source!


I asked this same question but did not get many responses. Ok I admit I inhaled. There it is out in the open. Before I knew I had fibro and was working, I would smoke after work for my back pain. I have 10 bulged/herniated discs. It helped me. I was never depressed, was able to work, was able to do things around the house. I have not since I found out I have fibro and got put on all of these different meds. But on my real bad pain days I wonder if it would help.

Pass one to me. It has to be better than the man made chemicals we all take.

I also carry due to always having my pain meds with me and the world has gotten just plain weird and some really crazy people out their. If I would get caught with mm I would loose my permit.

I heard that. Seriously, if it were legal, I would be lighting one up. It helps relax you and takes your mind off your troubles. And probably safer for you than cigarettes.