Just wondering how many of you have had lupus or other tests?

Ok so my gp is wonderful and she was new to me and since she was new she wanted to go over everything and she checked me for rheumatoid arthritis and everything but when my fibro got bad she wanted me to see a rhumatologist just to have it checked and whatever. I had to wait months to see this other doc and in the meantime we found a med that seamed to be working. So long story short I finally go see this doc who was nice but she didn’t seam to do much. She moved my fingers and arms around and then told me I needed to excersise and what my gp was doing was good. But honestly now that I’ve been thinking about it I’m kinda wondering why they didn’t check for anything else. I kinda fell into my fibro diagnosis and since the. I’ve always just kinda been slated as a fibro patient. My dad has rheumatoid and my great aut had lupus and my other great aunt has fibro bu they did a lupus test on her which was negative so I’m just wondering what tests you’ve had that they ruled out stuff to diagnose you with fibro? I’ve only had thyroid and rheumatoid ruled out. I’ve never really had anything else done. Thanks for all your info.

I was tested to rule out everything from food allergies to lupus and arthritis and I think that was the most comforting thing to make sure it wasnt anything else... as far as everything in terms of testing Ive had cheek swabs for genetic testing, and theyve taken blood regularly theyve tried meds psychiatric professionals working in conjunction with GP and a rhemy and gastro as we've worked on reducing meds and coping .. we tried physical therapy and it helped but every time I saw her I hurt worse than when I began sooo ...

I am a anomaly, lol. I had a very high rheumatoid factor and high numbers on a couple of other inflammation markers (can't remember what they are called - lol- fibro fog). They have no idea why I had such a high RF, but it has since returned to normal. They ruled out rheumatoid arthritis but not inflammatory arthritis, although I have never heard any of the docs I see mention it again. They also tested for lupus, again negative. This was all back in 2011, prior to my fibromyalgia dx. I just had my RF done again this past spring, as I want to keep an eye on things, and happy to report it was normal. Lovett's suggestion about requesting further tests sounds very good. Keep us posted how things progress. Wishing you the very best.

Hi Rebecca

I have lupus and arthritis. I was diagnosed with fibro first. My rhuemy doesnt see fibro patients but she works with my regular doctor.

Thanks all. I’m glad to know I’m not wondering for no reason. It seamed like they should have checked for more things before labeling me. Thanks again.