Let's also share the positive

I offer up an idea

Each time we write a message – no matter its content – and the majority of us post messages about what is wrong with us and our pain. We are writing things depressing, we are reading things depressing, we are sharing our bad moments. So why don't we get in the habit of ending each of our messages with something positive – write something positive that we actually accomplished that day and that way we can possibly build each other up and give each other hope by our own accomplishments. It could be something as simple as getting out of bed or reading a book to our child, cleaning the house, getting the laundry done, etc. We need to celebrate the things we accomplish while having to live with this pain.

Lets concentrate on the wonderful things we CAN do and the good that is in us and not the bad pain in our bodies. Let's be proud of what we fibros have accomplished each day instead of having to be ashamed of our illness and feeling guilty about it. Just an idea I am offering up to help us see some hope and at least feel better psychologically, even if we can't do anything about our physical beings. We are all sharing our pains and info about our medications, and the things we are not able to do so let's share each others accomplishments that we can be proud of. No matter how insignificant it seems.

I'll start:

Today, I was able to to get out of bed without a pain pill. Yipee! I walked downstairs and fed my hungry cats and was able to prepare breakfast for my ailing mother.

I've alwasys thought this illness is a fast track to learning all the good qualities human beings should have. This poster helped confirm it. If it's too small for you, I hope if you click on it twice, it will enlarge.

Jo, there's also a group called "Gratitude Attitude" that you can join if you're interested. I'm glad you were able to do all those things this morning. I'm living with my sick Mom too. We both have lupus.

Best wishes, Sheila

Sheila, that poster is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I am going to print it out (if I can figure out how) and then get it enlarged. It hit home with me because I have a husband who I think is cold-hearted and has no feelings for his fellow man. He does not give a helping hand to others and just looks blank when I try to explain this to him. He has no empathy for my illness. He could watch me lugging a basket of laundry and wouldn't get off the sofa to help me. But if I ask him, he will do it. He has many other wonderful qualities but when it comes to noticing that people need help, he misses the mark. I have been disliking him for this for a long time and just bite my tongue lots of time.

Then one day it dawned on me. He has never needed anything from anyone else, is self-sufficient in all areas and expects and assumes that everyone else is like that too. And he has never been sick a day in his life so doesn't understand physical suffering, poverty, pain, etc. He doesn't understand the concept of 'need' or "suffering'.

Well, his time is coming. In the fifteen years we have been together he has refused to go to a doctor until tomorrow - and I believe he is seriously ill now so time will tell. I hope not but that may be God's way of changing him into person who is sensitive to other's needs.

Also, thanks for suggesting the Gratitude Attitude site. I certainly will check it out. Best wishes.

That's a great idea, Jo. We tend to forget to celebrate the small, but important steps we take.

Today i managed to tend to the pets and the flowers, while caring for my sick sister. I also did some bead work, which I haven't managed to do for about 2 years. Got out to get her some dinner and me some gas. Some days I just cannot get out after work at all. Most days, to be honest. Oh and I also did a little food shopping. For me, this was a full and busy day.

Your turn!

Good stuff! It's nice to be able to help others. It's also nice to be able to help the pets AND to do something without a pain pill. All accomplishments because we know what the poopie days are like.