Light and Sound Sensitivity


Does anyone have an extreme sensitivity to light and sound at times with FMS?

The Fluorescent lights in my office often bother my eyes and seem to set off other symptoms as well. It feels like my brain is being overstimulated and I get irritated/annoyed. I try to turn the lights off when I can, but I share an office and can't always do that. Also, I get irritated or feel like I'm in overload if there is music playing along with people talking or if the TV is too loud. It's like my body and senses can't handle if there if too much "stuff" going on around me.



Feel for u I’m like this most of the time drives family mad lol but what can u do but help yourself at times some ppl don’t understand even the light from ma phone can hurt me and the loud noise kills me but all I can say to u is when u can turn lights off and turn everyhing down and relax when u can I am bed bound most time so I can do these things as I can no longer work xxx big hugs xxx

Hi Sara

I don't know if it has anything to do with fibro... But I have it as well. Maybe you are highly sensitive just like me?
You should checkout to find out. There are self-tests to know if you are or not.

Let me tell you that it's not an illness or anything, it's just who you are. Also there are positive sides like having a lot of empathy, an negative sides like you mentioned: too loud noises, strong lights,..

You have to learn to live with it and maybe this triggers your fibro too. You feel everything more intense than others, so also your pain etc.

Take care,


Yes I get this as well. Light / sound / smell sensitivity can be a symptom of Fibromyalgia. Repetitive sounds can set my nerve endings on overload as well. Sometimes I will wear headphones with quiet soothing music which helps me block out the other noise. I don't generally have a sensitivity to fluorescent lights but have you tried sunglasses to see if it helps? I wear sunglasses 365 days a year as my eyes are generally sensitive aside from Fibro. At night is when light is more likely to trigger Fibro symptoms so I wear a face mask to sleep. Hugs.

Thanks Chell, LittleFlounder and Auburnm-I appreciate the responses and support. I have thought about the sunglasses idea, but fear it might look a little weird in my office to have sunglasses on. Headphones are a great idea!

Little Flouder-It does trigger my Fibro and I don't remember being this sensitive to light and sound until the Fibro symptoms started. I'm going to look at that website-thanks! : )