I need help as soon as possible, please. Does anyone have such a sensitivity to light( not just sunlight, but even to lights in my house. I wear sunglasses out side at all times but may eyes feel seared like a welders burn. I have periodic dry eye that comes and goes like any fibro symtom but this is diff. as my dry eye drops doesn't help at all. Does anyone else have this prob. ? and what in the world can I do about it? my eyes are killing me and I squint and my vision is somewhat affected.

Hello sooner smile, yes, sometimes I can barely stand to be in my kitchen, it has mostly florescent lighting, and It really bothers me sometimes! My eyes twitch, I get headaches, and just want to crawl in the cupboards!

My eyes are chronically dry, so dry when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom that they feel cut or burnt, and I put drops in all through the day, and before going to bed. I have started using the night time drops again, they are much thicker, I also use water in my eyes as after a while, the drops make you feel like you have Elmers glue in the eye and on the lashes! BTW, I have Sjogren's Syndrome, I had to be tested a few times before it came up false positive, then positive.

I buy drops by the gallon. Tried Restasis, they are supposed to help produce natural tears, well let me tell ya, it does just that, it's like putting Tabasco sauce in them! I mean it! It really burns, so you bet it brings on natural tears!

Hope you feel better very soon, you are very important to us!

Big hugs,


I use moisture drops, just about any kind, and use Thera tears night time. I tried the OTC salves, and it is like Vaseline, your eyes are still dry, just greasy!

Is it possible that you have something else going on beyond fibro? Have you thought of returning to your rheumy about this symptom? I know that light bothers fibro sufferers but this also sounds like a truly extreme reaction. Maybe another autoimmune disease? I don't know but it's something that I'd get checked out if I were in your shoes.

I also have light sensitivity issues. Fluolescent (incluing CFL) light gives me a headache, migraine, and triggers FM. Those hellish LED lights blind me and gives me the worst pain in my eyes! I cannot drive at night because I am constantly blinded with those LED headlights. If I must drive at night, I put my sunglasses on my head and pull it down when I see a car approaching - it is not the safest way to drive (I can't see the lanes with sunglasses on!), so I avoid driving at night. Everything seems to be using the LED lights, so I don't feel safe going anywhere in the evening. I cannot stand those holiday decorations with LED lights.

I don't know what to do but do you have any fluolescent (and CFL) lights in the house? If you do, I would replace them with low wattage incandescent bulbs. You may also want to adjust brightness on your computer monitor. Have you notied that your eyes are bothered more when you are stressed? or have been using the computer a lot? If it bothers you a lot, you may want to consult with a doctor.

Hey soonersmile,

I have really bad photosensitivity, but I also inherited an allergy to sunlight from my mother, which requires Rx eye drops (steroids). Do you get the welder-burn feeling from the inside lights also? If I'm outside too long, I will end up with that feeling of sand in my eyes. The rest of the time they mostly feel just very dry.

The inside lights drive me insane... for some reason, my husband can't find that light switch on his way out of a room.... I have most of the ceiling light fixtures on dimmers. The light next to my computer is actually a blue fluorescent party bulb... it's very dim, but perfect after dark!

I haven't been able to find an OTC eye drop to help me yet. I really need to get back to the opthamologist for help too, instead of blaming it on a typical fibro symptom!

hi sooner smile i have heard of peole with this problem. the only thing i could suggest is to go to your local hardware store like Lowes or Homedepo and tell them the problem and ask if they can recommend so lights for u to use. make sure u bring your sunglasses into the store cause i can only imangine how the lights there will bother u otherwise. like others said u may need need to end up totally repacing some lights in your house.

as for the dry eyes have u tried drops that lubercate your eyes. these cost a little more but they work great. and i agree u should see your dr and maybe an eye dr too. i hope its just a matter of changing so lights in your house. good luck. and hugs to u

One time I was reviewing the symptoms of fibromyalgia since they have changed since I was diagnosed in 1987 and I noted "super sensitivity to bright lights and noise. The kitchen lights don't bother me. Perhaps that is because I don't spend too much time in my kitchen anymore! But the lights in a large Hockey Arena certainly did and in large stores and these are all fluorescent lights. Also the noise in the Hockey Arena, but the fans around me were not really noisy. It was the man down on the ice between periods of the game with the microphone "working the crowd."