This was a new one on me

About 10 days ago I started having trouble with my eyes. Daylight and even house lights hurt so bad and I always wore sunglasses even at home and at church. I also had extremely dry, cotton mouth and decided I must have sjogren's syndrome.

I made an appointment with my pc and had it set up for tomorrow, well today I woke up and my eyes and mouth are just fine. I was exhausted from a dog sitting job and maybe a little stress on top.

What I am trying to say and everyone else may have figured this out long ago, But fibro apparently can mimic any auto-immune disorder temporarly

You are absolutely right ! I would still get it checked out, I don’t have the whole dry mouth, eye thing, thank god, but many with fibro do. Maybe it can come & go, I have to check that out .
I hope you keep your appointment !
Hugs & blessings

I have Sjogren's, no fun. Took testing over a couple years time to show up, came up first as a false positive, then when it did show positive it was literally off the charts. Was down to 8 teeth, but then, down to 7 now. I have had this a long time too.

Light sensitivity for sure, especially the kitchen, hate the florescents. The kitchen is dark, have to have that light on all the time, makes me want to go hide!

soonersmile, I use all Biotene products for dry mouth, moisture eye drops by the gallon! Hope you don't have Sjogren's. Hope it's the meds, the fibro, not anything autoimmune!

I've been down sick or would have seen this sooner!

Hope you feel better very soon!


I am so sorry you have Sjogren's. I found it was as I had hoped just a 4 day flare showing itself in this way. So sorry you were sick and down. I'm glad you are some better now.

Gentle hugs

Thanks Dee. praying for your safety thru this storm.

Sooner, it can be absolutely insane, can't it? You can come down with the oddest symptoms for several days, and then they just vanish. VANISH.

Your symptoms sounded incredibly painful. And frightening. I'm sure glad they've vanished but you really should discuss them with your primary care doc. Maybe Sjogren's can come and go? Or maybe it can with fibo impacting it? I don't know but it's worth reporting.

Meanwhile, I hope you don't go through it again. But who knows, with fibro? The only thing to do is prepare to be surprised with it, right?

Absolutely! I did talk to my pc. I see the rheumy in Feb. I'll talk it over with him. He loves to order tests. lol I had never thought about it maybe becoming permanent after so many attacks. It's something to think about. Also I bet it's a question you could put to others who have duo diagnosis, and find out which came first?

Well, hey, I answered this but don't see the response.

You're lucky to have the rheumie who believes in all of those tests, considering all of the docs who refuse to do any. But if you've had that many episodes of this, I do think it's well worth looking into. Sooner, I'd be interested in hearing what your rheumie has to say about this. I'd like to know if fibro can be this persistent or if it is an autoimmune issue. And I'm with you, it'd be interesting to know which dx came first in others.

I have a sensitvity to floresent lights they make me nauseus and dizzy. Happened at my job, in stores etc. We took them out of the kitchen I could barely stand and do dishes. As for the eyes I also have sjrogrens and when they get dry the sun and some lights are really painful. You should see your eye doc. Corneas get scratched etc. they'll tell tell you what to use, if this is what it's from. Hope this helps :)


I had no idea that you lost almost all of your teeth due to Sjogren's. How awful! I'm really sorry, SK. What a price to pay from a disease. The same with your vision too. What on earth causes these illnesses to kick off and ravage people's bodies?

I feel a lot of frustration with these illnesses. All questions, no answers.

Well guess what, the day before I was to see the dr. the symptoms all disappeared. The surprises of Fibro.

Oh yes, fibro loves to give us "delightful" surprises! Too bad the "surprises" wouldn't disappear for good!

But hey, I'm glad you've lost these symptoms for the time being, Sooner.

Hopefully the eye problems will stay gone, soonersmile! That has happened to me too, same thing with my wrists, once I got the x-ray script!