Looking for recommendations for FMS DR. Littleton, CO accepting Medicaid?


I am a young mother of two and am unable to work. I am really looking for a very good recommendation for a doctor in the littleton CO area that accepts medicaid that either specializes in the care and treatment of FMS or has at least a deep understanding of the condition. I have seen more doctors then I can count over the last several years. None of them had much information on FMS and some of them didn't really invest in treatment of my condition either because of their lack of understanding or their lack of belief. Being I am so young I feel a lot of the doctors are judging me like I am not really suffering or that I am lying about the amount of pain I am in, but it is to the point that I cant work at a real job right now and am struggling trying to be a good parent to my girls due to my FMS. I have a lot of underlying issues that are causing my FMS to affect me more including allergies to any prescriptions such as cymbalta or lyrica along with anxiety, bi-polar disorder, sleep apnea, RLS, and tons of allergies ranging from gluten, soy, tomatoes, and eggs to grass, plants, animals and more. I really need to find a doctor who can understand what I am going through and actually work with me on getting back to where I can at least manage to get out of bed each day. If anyone can help me find a doctor who can help me start managing the pain better that will accept medicaid it would be greatly appreciated. I am just tired of the run around I am getting and tired of feeling like nobody wants to, or can understand.