Magnesium Malate

Was wondering if anyone had taken Magnesium Malate for fibro pain and did it work? I had read somewhere that it was supposed to be good.

I was prescribed Dihydrocodeine by my GP which was helping with the pain. However, i ended up in A&E due to severe constipation, so i stopped taking them immediately. It seems that most strong painkillers slow the bowel down, so i'm now scared of taking them :(


Hi Curly, magnesium will help the whole constipation thing… For that I take a liquid called Cal-mag, there is calcium, magnesium oxide, & carbonate in it & also has vit d , like you I just recently bought the magnesium, malate, mine also has Malic acid in it. What happened was, I was taking the liquid cal-mag,and when it ran out I ordered the mag malate, but I started a flare and I had wondered it I was feeling worse because I wasn’t taking the liquid magnesium, then I got the magnesium malate in the mail, but by then I was feeling so horrible I went back to the health food store& got my liquid, cal-mag that I had been taking. So , for now I’m just taking the other magnesium ( oxide & carbonate ) with the calcium.

So I can’t really ans your question about the magnesium malate, but if your going to get it, I would say get it with the Malic acid ( of course check with your dr first)

As for the constipation I just know that my liquid cal-mag helps with that not sure about the malate. I think after I get my cal-mag back in my system good, I will try the malate, not sure I want to take both, so maybe I will alternate them, or perhaps this flare has nothing to do with my running out of the liquid cal-mag that I was taking… I should know in a few more days if its helping again ???

Hope this makes sense …

If you try the mag malate, let me know how it helps, I did read a lot of good things also :slight_smile:
dee B