For those of you who use marijuana for your fibro pain, what are the results? How successful is it? Does it actually take the pain away like a pain pill does or does it just make you high so you don't feel the pain? My Percocette pain pill actually takes the pain away for 4 - 6 hours so I am curious about exactly what marijuana does. Don't worry, I 'm not with the drug police!

LOL It had a reverse effect for me. I was aware of area of pain in my body. . .not cool!

I am going to try marijuana.

Waiting to get some....I would rather smoke than be on opiates. When I get some to smoke...hopefully in the next week..I will post my results.


Okee Dokee. Hope you enjoy it and await your report

Gemm....good luck, hope you don't end up barracaded in your room paranoid as all heck and eating bags after bag of cheese doodles from the munchies! I only met one person with fibro who tried smoking her son't pot. She said her whole body went into spasms, like every nerve ending was totally flared and she was so paranoid and freaked out that her husband almost called 911. That was enough for me to know I don't want to go there. I believe in herbals but I won't mess with that one. Hope it works differently for you.