I read about Savella and asked my doctor about trying it. Now I'm trying to find answers about adding the new medication - Savella to the mix. I don't know if adding it to what I already take is a good idea or not. My Dr. gave me samples to get started, but he warned me that he hasn't really seen good results using it, and he is concerned because I have a sensitive stomach.

The medications I'm currently on are Cymabalta 60mg, Lyrica 450mg, Alprazolam Xr 4mg, Oxycodone10mg as needed (limit 4 a day) and Trazodone 150mg at bedtime.

I'm hoping someone out there who has experienced taking both Cymabalta and Savella together at the same time can help guide me. I'm having mixed feelings, I want to relieve my symptoms, but I don't want to cause myself harm by taking two of the same type of drugs.