Mew Here

Hi all. This is my first post here. I live in the North Georgia mountains. Been married to my best friend for 43 years. We have one son who lives in Florida. I am new to Fibromyalgia and to tell the truth, right now I am mad at God…and the new world I find myself in at this moment.

Hello Sukochi

God has broad shoulders. he knows that you are so very frustrated at such a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. So many symptoms, no known cause and no cure. But as you read the profiles of members here you will see that there are ways to cope with it. It's not a death sentence. But right now it is overwhelming. Just take a deep breath and start reading a bit at a time. There is a lot of information about fibro on this website.

It's okay to vent here.

Gentle hugs


Thank you so. It helps me to talk. I do have a friend with Fibro who has said "This is Fibro until you admit that to yourself, you will look everywhere for answers. She said if I need to talk, she is there.
Add to this that we recently left the church we have gone to for years. When I was diagnosised, they were so less then sympathetic. I felt God was telling me to get away from these people. But now we are in religious limbo, if you will. We are Christains and have decided to not search for another church home right now.
Except for friend I mentioned, I have nno friends locally. I stay home all the time, except for errands and my quilt guild meetings once a month.
Thanks for listening!

hi sukochi. hi hear ya... i am on my out to physical therapy now. mostly it is for the tens machine, lazor and the massage.

glad you joined the group. i like your name. Does it have some partical meaning? It sounds a little ancient Indian/ mexican.

My husband descends from Mixteca La Mixteca which covers parts of the Mexican states of Oaxaca,Guerrero and Puebla.

He is from very small , remote villate in Puebla ( state) called huehuepiaxtla...( way way pee ex t la) lol

have to get going.

love and HUGGGGS


Hi, Suzie.

My name is actually my nick name. There is n it. My dad was in the Air Force. They were stationed in Okinawa

aft. WWII. When they returned stateside, I was born. They had brought a Japanese houseboy back with them. He went to the hospital with my dad to see this new baby. He said "Sukochi" which means "little bit." So, that the nickname. My given name is LaJuan, an Apache word that means "calm and peaceful.". This name came from my mom's best friend, LaJuan McBride. She was the first Delta stewardess. And, she married a pilot. I have NEVER liked my names. Even in the 50's/60's there was bullying to a girl with strange names! My sisters are Wendy and Teri. Don't give the middle child strange names.

Welcome to the group

It is hard when we first find out about the fibro. It can take time to find the right combination of things that work for us. I live in Alabama the mountains in GA are very pretty

Oh how LUCKY you are, having your best friend at your side for 43 yrs!!!

I understand your stand w/God right now, it comes & goes ..... at least w/me.

And as you can see, we are here for each other, come as often as you like. M

Luna, it is not an off and on thing between God and I. I think I am just so frustrated trying to find answers right now. I feel like I am not hearing Him. Perhaps if I can just be still and listen......

oh dear sorry you had to deal with bullying when you were younger even more so when your name has that meaning of peaceful and calm. i love your name and what they mean. i just read what i wrote to you and i see i have a few tyops , one of which i wrote 'villate' for ' village' LOL

but i know what you mean about strange names. i have heard some doozy .. my mom told me when she gave birth she was in the room with ppl whoose last name was Sterling and they named their child "sterling silver'

its kind of ridiculous. sheesh..

i just came back from pt. she put the tens machine and heat pad on my back, then gave me a great massage. it was great