Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation

What’s good is very personal in my opinion… I (as a guy?) prefer a female voice, I (as a musician?) don’t like too loud synth-music, with eyes closed I usually don’t use pics, if at all I prefer videos, but I guess it can help getting into the right frame of mind.

Mindfulness Meditation Williams:

Mindfulness Meditation Body Scan (UK male voice, Mark Williams; no music, no pic; Teik Yen Ko)

Mindfulness Meditation Listening & thoughts (UK male voice, Mark Williams; no music, no pic; Teik Yen Ko)


Autogenic Relaxation from the NHS for pain relief (UK female voice, no music, sunset-pic)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (UK female voice & synth.- music, slightly obtrusive, no pic, NewcastleHospitals, there’s a male one, too)

Pain Management from the NHS guided relaxation (technique & visualization) (UK female voice, various pics, mainly water)


Surgery Preparation Meditation and Guided Relaxation (US female voice, Rebecca Clio Gould, no music, flower pics)

Preparation for a successful surgery meditation - muscle & positive language visualization deep relaxation (US male voice, David Wilson, no pic, unobtrusive music)

(As jayceason I improvised a 22’ instrumental called Weather Turns, which some people on youtube have put pics too and called relaxing. Personally I find it too obtrusive for deep relaxation, but it does calm me down when highly-strung.


Very good JCS! As usual. :blush:

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Thanks so much for posting these, JCS! I will listen to them soon! :blush:

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Yoga Nidra videos

I’ve posted my own personal favourite videos somewhere, but can’t find them, so starting anew:

General structure: Close body scan, maybe with tensing (progressive muscle relaxation), don’t listen too closely, like music, wish/intention (sankalpa): I am calm etc.

Not faves...