Music therapy

Currently listening to worship music. This really helps me with my worst pain days and fatigue. What music do you guys listen to that helps you when fibro flares strike?

I was just thinking about how helpful and underrated music can be. I call it my “meditation” music. I like Porcelain by Helen Jane Long, and lately I have enjoyed Ludovico Einaudi. If I need energy then Latin Pop.


I agree! I personally find that it helps me to step out of my hamster wheel “I am in pain” thoughts, and it helps place me in a more positive mind set and mood. I like the idea of latin pop!

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I listen to native American most of the time. I think it really helps.


I listen to worship music as well. It lifts my spirits and helps me with depression and that always helps with pain and fatigue. The one thing I’ve decided not to let thus stop me from doing is going to church and enjoying worship. :heart: