Mistaking Bad Side effects with Lyrica

The more I read the board the more it alarms me to know that people seem to be very poorly educated on Lyrica. The basic info being: 300mg is the minimum therapeutic dose with 450mg the max. Also, I noticed a lot of people complained about dizziness and some nausea. When you begin taking these, almost always the side effects you have are transient and will go away once your body has adjusted.

I feel like a lot of users might be throwing out Lyrica way too soon, simply because they experience some of these things that they don't realize are transient. Weight gain is not. I have had issues with it myself and I'm actually up running around on my feet a lot during the day.

Thanks for a good post.

300 is the minimum therapeutic dose? I usually take 75 a day, max of 150. Wonder if that's why I'm getting so little benefit?

My dizziness has been better but am also thinking it could well be the fibro as it happens when i get very busy at work.

I am going to be talking to my doctor about it and see what he suggests. I am already on SOOOOO many meds, largly due to other illnesses. I have heard mixed reviews on it, but like any med (which I've learned alot from my bipolar meds) what may work for one does not mean it will work for all.

I took Lyrica and the side effects were brutal, lasted for 3 months, when the side effects went away so did the effect of the drug on my body so I upped the anty and again side effects and again when the side effects ended so did the effects of the drug so I think it depends on the person. I have a bad reaction to most of the drugs on the market which has caused me stop taking meds all together.

Yes for fibromyalgia specifically 300mg is the minimum dose at which studies showed true benefits. The smaller doses are intended for seizures and neuropathic pain.