My oh my I need some relief

For almost 48hours I have been in the worst pain ever. My hands and feet are on fire and I also feel as if I have a huge rubber band wrapped around my chest at times to where the pain just won't even let me move. Hot baths help breifly but the pain is right back. I am running on about 7 hours of sleep for the last 2 days and I just don't know what to do anymore. Any advice is surelt welcomed. Sorry for whinning but I'm at my wits end....

Have you had the chest pain checked by a doctor to be sure it isn't your heart? Hopefully yes and hopefully tests have been to confirm everything is okay there.

One of our other members had the feeling of being on fire. I believe he started on a medicine and that helped. If you look back in the threads, you'll find it and probably the meds he was on. Maybe 6-10 pages back? If I have time I'll look for you.

Okay, the comment was from Keith. He said he is now on seizure medicine and it helps with the feeling of being on fire. Maybe you could private message him and ask for more details?

It does sound like nerve pain and anxiety but I'm no expert. You could definitely do with a few tests and maybe some new medication targeted at nerve pain. Hot baths are really good for most pains but it does wear off like you say.

Thanks for taking the time to look back for me and for the info.

I do love hot baths but for these reasons it becomes a pain lol. Thanks

Thank you so much for the great advice, I would love to know if you do know of something for this burning feeling. It would be great for some relief. Thanks again.