National Fibromyalgia Association Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Here is a helpful reference tool for a better understanding of the terminologies associated with our condition.

Great idea! Thanks for posting it, SK. It's a must have for anyone needing to know what's what with their fibro - oh, that makes ALL of us!

Great info thanks, hope everyone's having a great weekend xoxo


That's what I thought going through it, 'Wow'! As much research as I do for the site, I was really surprised at all of the things that I was unfamiliar with! This will really help to bring us up to speed!

This is great SK. I'm gonna save it for reference.

Wow! As a newly diagnosed person a lot of this is really helpful, and I’ve only read through the F’s so far. Thank you so much for forwarding it! I have to say that knowing there is an actual symptom called “Fibro Fog” is a huge relief! I’ve been thinking I’m losing IQ points over the last few years, and work has been a huge problem as a result. THANK YOU again & again for passing this along!

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