Neck Pain

Do any of you have chronic neck pain/shoulder pain? I've tried heating pads, NSAIDS, and most recently my Dr. gave me little injections in the neck. Nothing seems to work......any suggestions?

Is it a muscle pain? What kind of injections did you get? It could be related to your posture and the chair you sit on.

It feels like burning shooting pain in between my shoulder blades and all around my neck, yes muscle pain. The injections were for trigger points (?) and the medication was called Betamethasone Acet & sod phosp. I sit in a really good chair at work. I am thinking about trying accupunture but not sure yet.

I had the chronic neck pain and back pain. I saw a pain management Dr. who is also an osteo. She did manipulation, acupuncture and acupressure. When there was no lasting fix she started me on a series of yoga like stretches These work very well as long as I keep doing them. She said that the breathing that goes with the stretches is also good for me. I have a pain now just beside my shoulder blade. I'm sure if I could get in to see her she could do something for this too but I have to go through my pc for a referral. I read somewhere that the fibro causes a shortening of muscles which causes pain. That makes sense as to why the stretches work.

Acupuncture is ok. The only thing you feel is when the needle goes into the knot. I have had it many times. The shoulder blade pain you mention sounds like what I have.

Thank you for this information.... I will give yoga a try then!

Have a great day

My advise for you would be to invest in a neck brace collar; they are not expensive and it provides fantastic support.

Secondly seek the advise of a physiotherapist.

Thirdly look at how you sleep or ask someone else to, is your head awkwardly on the pillow? Is your head at a funny angle?

Finally if it is caused my muscles then something like diazapam (vallium) or another antispasmodic muscle relaxant would be more useful that other pain killers.

Sorry I am not more help.


Yes, I do. It is terrible, eh? When I went to the Rheumatologist last week that's what I thought I could get from her was an injection of cortisone. She said Rheumatologists don't do that. She said she's sending a letter to my doctor to refer me to a head and neck specialist. I was so disappointed because cortisone worked for me before. Oh well, I just have to grin and bear it for another while, I suppose. Did you have a cortisone injection? It takes a couple of days for it to work, I found.

I was diagnosed with FM.
But I also have chronic neck and back pain.
I have arthritis and degenerative discs in my neck and back.My current
doctors says that is what the pain is from.
He recomends heat.I use a microwave heated pack filled with herbs.
He has me on paxil and mobic.He thinks celebrex would help.
In the past I tried every med that was available.
I should find some easy stretches to do too.
I don’t think he believes the FM diagnoses.Right now he is my only option
without ins.And I see a chiropractor.

Hey Althea!

This is a typical FMS area, BUT could be more than that! Make sure Doc knows about this, may be X-ray time to make sure this is not something more that could cause damage. I say this because a Rheumatologist is a specialist in Autoimmune diseases, and Autoimmune Arthritis causes disc, facet, spinal, joint damage, irreversible damage.

Not trying to scare you, girl, just trying to make you aware, I have Spondylitis, a very agressive type of Psoriatic Arthritis. This is not a cake walk and so many young people are being diagnosed, what is worse, is not being diagnosed!

Be strong,


Me, too. I have tried everything, too and it all helps a little bit and for a little while. Celebrex and Orudus hurt my stomach. I want to "live" in a hydrotherapy tank with temp. at 101 and the jets going constantly. Hehe!

OMG, that was my first symptom of fibro. I was burning, throbbing, and crying in pain. I tried topical ointments, sprays, etc. I had a MRI and CAT scan that showed some discs problems, but did not explain the other. I was diagnosed with fibro after being put through the ringer. Now I am on muscle relaxers, trigger point injections, and Botox injections for my migraines. The only thing that works is the Botox. I was given 15 pain pills a month that really help-Nucynta. My pain dr is stingy with pain pills. I was also given a neck stretcher from Medicare that works while you use it-like the tenns.

Good luck.

All of the Pain Drs are stingy with the pills, too many prescription meds on the streets, we pay for that, in every way!

Wishing you all well!

I have that as well, and have for years. I have also had a couple of episodes of whiplash that brought about arthritic changes in the vertebrae in my neck which just add to the pain. You've got a lot of great advice already, I do find heat and THEN gentle stretching helps. The heat helps the muscles relax a bit and then they can stretch more easily.
And while this isn't a permanent solution by any means, when it gets really "burney" and uncomfortable I rub some "Japanese Mint Oil" into the area. It amazes me nearly every time with how much discomfort it can relieve. I'm in Canada and you can guy this in just about any health food store. It's not cheap, but the little bottle I (maybe 15 mL) has lasted over a year. Not everyone likes the smell - and it IS strong - but I have always found it very soothing and calming.

Hope you get some relief soon! Fibro is hell.

I use alternating ice packs and heating pad, and the yoga stretching combination helps so much. If I use only heat it causes swelling and makes it worse. The ice numbs the pain but leaving ice on too long can start to cause damage so I use the heating pad to warm up the area and then back to the ice pack. I use various types of ice packs for all my muscle pain. I never leave my home without my ice packs and it helps so much. I bought a product called ice blanket from a company called and they can be cut to size. I bought a case of them and keep them in the freezer at home and work, and put them in an ice chest in the car. I wrap them in a cloth or towel and they them on whatever area is hurting the most. It is also great in the Texas heat, and for hot flashes. I now I sound like an advertisement but ice and heat have been a lifesaver for me. When I stay in a hotel I take an extra old fashion ice pack and fill it up with their ice machine. Last week I sat through a conference so I brought a stylish oversized bag and put my ice pack, towel and heating pad in it and sat next to a wall with a plug and would alternate my ice and heat and I made it through the three day conference.

I have had neck and shoulder pain for over 20 years, the only thing that ever helped was going to the chiropractor 2to3 times a week and after 3 months my shoulder and neck pain was gone. But who can afford to do that forever. So the pain all came back after I had to stop going to the chiropractor.

I know it G-ma-d!

I love mine, but have surely bought the man a Swiss chalet by now!!!!!!!!!!! Really!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Mike- Thank you for your response. I am definetly going to look into the neck brace and physiotherapy. My Rheumatologist prescribed muscle relaxers too so when it gets really bad I take that. I will also try to see if it's my pillow, I never thought of that.

Thanks again and have a great day.

Hi SK.......I am glad you brought that up because I was wondering the same thing. My problems started in my late 20's when I had several bouts of Uveitis. The Dr on call told me if I had it again I need to do blood work since Uveitis is usually part of an autoimmune disorder. My father has Anklyosing Spondylitis and so did his Mom. I got the Uveitis again and they ran the HLA-B27 blood test for me which was positive. He ran the arthritic panel which was negative and tested me for lupus. That was all negative.I have had hip and back pain and now severe neck pain. All of my X-rarys were completely normal. The Rheumatologist I have been going to said he thinks most of my problems are due to FM. He has me taking Cymbalta, antiflammatory when it gets bad, Ambien CR so I can sleep and muscle relaxers as needed. He doesnt seem to think I have "active" AS. My FM seems to be really up and down....hoping it will get better someday.

carliec-yes! a really hot bath seems to help me too, I wish I could afford a home jacuzzi jumbo tub.....I would turn into a prune....LOL!