Let's talk about stretching

I want to share something I have started doing that hopefully will benefit someone out there. As you know, there are things called trigger points. In fibro and so many other ailments/injuries/disease these can be extremely painful. Mine happens to be in my shoulder blades. It is also aggravated by an old broken bone and repetitive picking up of a 60 pound child! I wake up hurting and sometimes I can’t even move my arm. It is sensitive to the touch, movement, and even stress! It comes and goes but the comings are more than the goings recently so I am trying some basic yoga stretches to strengthen this area. I have the book Yoga Builds Bones, easy gentle stretches that prevent osteoporosis. I started on page 51 with just one exercise. The wall rotation. It is supposed to improve the flexibility of the spine and to improve circulation to all joints in the upper body to prevent stiffness and soreness. I have a simple plan…I will do just this first one until it stops hurting or being hard to do. Basically, I will get stronger at it and can add just one more exercise. I have been doing it for almost 3 weeks every morning. I missed 2 mornings doing it…and I could tell the difference! I just got done doing it and I feel some release in my shoulders now. Slow and steady wins the race. I will never be doing any extended dog posture or seated spine stretch…because I Would break…lol…but I thought this might be worth mentioning. You don’t have to leave the house to do it. It’s good for you. It has been shown to help with many diseases. If you can’t walk or do moderate exercise, try stretching. Do it as faithfully as you can, preferably at the same time every day. Building strong bones and muscles couldn’t be more important. When taken seriously, it can benefit everyone. I am pleased to say I will be adding that second stretch this week!! I hope you are all feeling good today and finding some relief.

I’ve been doing Hatha yoga also for the last 3 years! This only helps me for the day and sometimes I have to do a detox bath before I can do the yoga! But I swear it’s one of the tickets to control fibromyalgia! I do David Procyshyn’s all seated poses on you tube and I have a book called Yoga fibromyalgia by Shoosh Lettick Crotzer!

what is a detox bath?

Hi Tiffany,

I am going to have to try that stretch. I stretch every morning before using my eliptical and found it does help greatly. My major pain seems to be in the same area as yours. Shoulder blades and between. I have been using some basic yoga poses for a couple of years now but have not tried that one. Thanks for sharing!


I havent done yoga in a long long time my aunty is an instructor she is in her 60s I think wow Im proud of you I cant do it if I try maybe next month if I am more together I am thinking to start a very light yoga

I just started Pilates once a week and at the end of each session the instructor stretches me. What a difference! I feel so much better afterwards and it lasts as long as I do my little stretching, baths, etc. at home. Loving it!

Awsome to all of you! The best part is you can begin with just one stretch. We are also fortunate because you can find every stretch on the internet too. I like also how you can focus in on just one muscle group too. Omg…Pilates! You go! Once the ice age ends I plan to start walking again also. When people think about stretching sometimes they think it has to be painful or uncomfortable. This is not necessarily the case. They can relax you and feel good on sore spots. Did I mention…OMG Pilates!! Now I feel really lazy! Lol!!

This sounds exactly what might benefit me. Although I have pains everywhere some days...the worst is always in the shoulders ... plus I have mega problems with my back. I can SOMETIMES release the back spasms by lying over my large exercise ball...problem is getting back up again!!

Where do you get this book?


OMG, Geranium! The large exercise ball is an evil creature! That's what started off all of my pain. Evil thing!!!

Anyway, it's lovely to see you here again.

The back spasms sound miserable!



Oh Petunia.....I NEVER use it to exercise (can't & wouldn't). I only use it to lay over/across b/c that position seems to help diminish my back spasms.

Yeah...the spasms are downright miserable & I've lived with them for many years. I did NOT need FM on top of this existing problem. Nope I didn't.

How are you doing Petunia?

Hugs right back at ya girl.



stretching can be so very beneficial. I used to be a ballet dancer so maintain my suppleness by stretching daily but sadly it hasn't diminished my pain.



I am so happy for you my physical theripist started me on streatches before i get out of bed and they really help i can tell a big difference when i dont do them

Hooray for you! Thanks for bringing yoga to the forefront. When I am disciplined enough to do it, yoga helps me as well.

I know there are those who are not able to do many of the poses, but whatever one can do is helpful to our bodies.


Hi Tiffany,

I agree with stretching. That and walking are my best means of staying mobile.

My Chiropractor gave me a print out of all of the different stretches that would best benefit me.

I’m so glad this is helping! Rock on!

Hugs to you,


I think it's touch and go with yoga. I used to teach yoga and live in an ashram, over 40 years ago and have been doing it seriously since I got the FM. I haven't been able to do it without aggravating the pain since the FM. This is highly disturbing to me as I'm doing really, really gentle stretching. The pain usually gets going about 4 hours after the session! And lasts for anywhere from 1 - 4 days. On occasion I don't have the FM reaction and for this I'm very grateful. So needless to say, I'm not doing yoga every day anymore. Just on days I feel OK when I wake up. I'll keep trying. My "yoga" these days is being as happy as I can possibly be. Laughing in a laying down position by watching comedy specials and funny movies, and avoiding things that irritate me, as I'm already very irritable, is the best for me now. Maybe things will change as time goes on. I also have an urban rebounder and I try to do this to keep my cardio stimulated. I find the bouncing very fun! And silly. And I like this alot.It's also a great way to stimutlate lymphatics. Wishing you all a good way to exercise that moves it to a positive place. :)

I couldn’t help but notice the yoga instructor and the ballet dancer…the two for sure I would think could do it…do not benefit from it anymore!!! Isn’t that just so fibro!!! I know this may just be coincidence but fibro can behave so weird sometimes. Ok, I have to know…specifically you two if you don’t mind…can you swim or have you tried to do it for exercise? Do you think since at one point your muscles were fine tuned and in shape, you have a worse reaction with pain and exercise now? I like conjector and wondering about things so I hope you don’t mind my questions. I wonder if a totally different kind of exercise is not as painful now. Something totally different than the yoga and ballet. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I didn’t put it in my post, but I was a dancer for many years as well. I think what’s happening for me is that I remember how I used to feel - limber, light, strong. Now I feel heavy, fragile, tight and weak. And the weight gain has not helped lol! So the stretching and the myofascial release I get, plus the gentle and supported workout with Pilates is helping me to regain a tiny bit of that old feeling. Although my instructor tells me I’m more flexible and stronger than I realize, it’s difficult not to compare it with where I used to be.

As for swimming, I never swam for exercise or otherwise, but I took some lessons and now I find swimming to be one of the best low- to no-impact activities. I do get tired very easily, but the buoyancy in the water and just floating can be very relaxing. It’s one of the few times I’m in the least amount of pain.

It’s interesting to hear what works for some but not the other. I have heard a lot of good things about water in general. Bath salts, hot tubs, and now swimming. Water must just be good for fibro in general. I’m sorry you used to be able to do those things and now it’s all harder and hurts. I hope you can find new ways to regain those old good feelings from dancing! Spring is coming and there are hundreds of new things to try! Libraries, colleges, and community centers usually have classes for various things to try. Ours run 4 times a year with the seasons. I wonder if you would enjoy (spelling??) tie chi? Lol…I’m spelling that wrong but since you having the gift of dance in you already…and supposedly it’s good for fibro…perhaps you would enjoy this. It’s like really REALLY slow dancing. Food for thought.

Yes, My FM started when my chiropractor put me on this back stretching device that hangs you over from the waist down. Afterward I couldn't walk to make it home without stopping every 3 or 4 steps, and have had the FM since then. I don't blame him. I figure if that's what triggered the process, there must be a way to heal it. My problems are all kidney ( evergetically ) related, so the stretch probably yanked my kidneys to the point of going into dysfunction hormonally. And that's where the majority of the pain is, constantly, the midback, breathing hurts. So I'm doing a kidney rehab protocol to try to get them to normalize. Only problem is, it takes time. Best wishes for positive healing.